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Nara Expands Internationally to Bring the Power of Personalization to European Markets

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Nara Logics, Inc., a computational neuroscience company that provides personalization to deep Web data, today announced the international expansion of its restaurant and hotel recommendation platform into 20 European markets. In addition to its European market expansion, the company’s hotel recommendation platform—which was previously available in 50 U.S. markets and via web only—will now be available nationwide in the US and Canada, as well as across iOS and Android mobile devices.

“Whether you are travelling domestically or internationally, Nara users can now receive personalized recommendations for restaurants and hotels on both web and mobile,” said Kristin Pados, SVP of Product and General Manager at Nara Logics, Inc. “Our ongoing innovation has helped scale the power of personalization across platforms and into new markets. We’re excited to continue creating a more personalized web experience for consumers with future product enhancements and additional market and category expansion.”

Nara is Now Available Internationally with a New Look and Feel

Built under the leadership of noted MIT neuro-computer scientist, Dr. Nathan Wilson, Nara’s algorithm works by learning a person’s unique tastes and preferences and suggests restaurants or hotels that best suit them. Nara calls this their Digital DNATM. With the expansion into international markets, Nara is now able to apply a user’s Digital DNATM to 20 new markets across Europe including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Dublin, Edinburgh, Florence, Frankfurt, Krakow, London, Madrid, Milan, Munich, Paris, Prague, Rome, Stockholm, Venice and Vienna.

“We designed the Nara Neural Network to be able to scale efficiently and effectively,” said Dr. Nathan Wilson, chief technology officer of Nara Logics, Inc. “Our ability to analyze and re-index big data at Internet-scale has allowed us to expand the platform across new verticals and now into international territories very quickly. Nara works to build and uncover the Digital DNA™ that is unique to every Nara user, and recommend tailored experiences for them in the U.S., Canada and now across 20 European markets.”

New users will also experience the new look and feel of Nara’s homepage, which includes a new set of on-boarding questions for both restaurants and hotels.

Nara Expands its Hotel Recommendations Platform

Starting today Nara will now offer personalized hotel recommendations in thousands of cities across the United States and Canada, in addition to 20 European cities. Previously only seen on the web at, Nara’s hotel recommendations platform will now be available on its native iOS and native Android mobile applications to help users find a personalized list of hotel recommendations on-the-go. Users who update their Nara app will be able to do the following:

  • Receive personal restaurant and hotel recommendations in your current location or across the U.S., Canada, and 20 European markets.
  • Give a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” on places you know to hone your taste profile.
  • Discover restaurants and hotels similar to those you love.
  • Learn why Nara is making a particular recommendation for you.
  • Pin restaurants and hotels to save them for later.
  • View friends’ thumbs and pins to see how your tastes align.
  • Browse recommendations as you like--tile-style, in a list, on a map, or in a beautiful carousel.
  • View amenities and more for hotels.
  • Login to on the web to book hotels you'll love.

Nara is available online for free at, and on the App Store and Google Play.

About Nara Logics, Inc.

Nara Logics, Inc. is a computational neuroscience company. Starting with restaurant and hotel recommendations, Nara’s next-generation search platform analyzes the structure of the Web and personalizes information based on individual preferences and interests to uncover one’s Digital DNATM.

Based in Cambridge, Mass., Nara was founded in 2010 by serial entrepreneur Thomas Copeman and built under the leadership of noted MIT neuro-computer scientist Dr. Nathan Wilson. The company completed a $7 million Series A round in 2012. Beyond its enterprise solutions, find Nara's current consumer applications at and on social channels at: and

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