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Modapt's Edge80 System Gives Web Developers the Power to Improve Website Performance With No Coding Changes Required

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BOSTON and MELBOURNE, Australia, April 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Modapt, Inc. today announced the global launch of its revolutionary Edge80 System. Edge80 is a new type of reverse proxy server that intelligently adapts server responses to individual user requests based on a set of predefined Edge80 Application rules.

The system offers web developers the first edge-based programmable content adaptation, assembly & delivery platform that improves website performance with no requirement to touch or change the existing code whatsoever. This means that the existing site can stay intact and risk is minimized. For sites that have serious traffic, hard to predict traffic spikes, runaway server costs or an overburdened CMS with high infrastructure costs, the Edge80 system is an ideal choice.

Edge80 offers free thirty-day trials to test the system's automated acceleration and protection solutions at along with a free-to-use prototype mode for those developers that want to explore the edge side programming capabilities.

Via the Edge80 homepage, visitors can receive a free detailed report providing an assessment of their site so that they can identify areas that can be further optimized. With a single click and not a line of code this analysis can then take the site live within minutes.

Joe Barber, CEO and founder of Modapt, says that, "Most websites rely on server farms housed in one location by a hosting provider. This represents a single point of failure that can fall apart under stress. Edge80, by contrast, operates as a swarm of independent nodes that are deployed to locations based on user demand. These nodes are self-aware and spawn new neighborhood nodes dynamically as demand fluctuates, slashing costs. The highly configurable multi-dimensional cache means we can effectively cache dynamic content and manage upwards of 80% of the website traffic."

"Edge80 is battle tested," stated Barber. "It has already been deployed for some of the most heavily trafficked web sites in Australia including Jeanswest, AppliancesNow, and 7Eleven. In all cases, performance and reliability has far exceeded expectations with page delivery times consistently and predictably within best practice guidelines irrespective of the traffic. For one customer, traffic spiked to over 3 million requests in an afternoon and Edge80 served them all without any degradation."

Reduce Costs and Consolidate IT Assets
While Edge80 improves performance, it also allows web operations to scale down and simplify their bloated hosting infrastructure, which is typically made up of multiple application servers, numerous Varnish servers and a load balancer all in a single location with single points of failure. Edge80 can manage all of a site's traffic thereby making Varnish, load balancers and even CDNs completely redundant.

About Modapt and Edge80
Built on best of breed industry-standard technology, the Edge80 system empowers web developers with an extensible platform that takes web performance and security to the next level. The company has offices in Boston, Massachusetts and Melbourne, Australia.


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