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Town Residential Achieves Business Continuity with Broadview's OfficeSuite Cloud-Based Phone System

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RYE BROOK, N.Y. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Broadview Networks, a leading cloud-based provider of communications and information technology services, has deployed OfficeSuite®, its award-winning cloud-based business phone system, for Town Residential of New York City to unify its company-wide communications. Town Residential is a premier real estate agency that specializes in luxury sales and leasing of high-end Manhattan properties, as well as new development marketing, sales and leasing.

Chris Reyes, Town’s Director of Information Technology, knew when he was charged with unifying the company’s communications that OfficeSuite® was the best option. Reyes had employed Broadview’s solutions at his previous company and was impressed with the level of service he had received in the past. He was also aware of the inherent multi-site nature of the OfficeSuite® system and the benefits it would afford Town’s business model. “Connecting our various locations was the major reason for the switch to Broadview and OfficeSuite,” said Reyes. “I knew I could have total confidence in the system’s infrastructure and redundancies. Additionally, I had worked with Broadview in the past and had always had great experiences.”

With nine offices across Manhattan and more than 600 agents and employees, ensuring a fully-integrated mobile communications system for employees was critical for Town. “Before OfficeSuite, our team had a tough time staying in touch and communicating between locations,” said Reyes. “Since agents are constantly on the move showing properties, we really need features like mobile twinning, which rings both our desk phones and cell phones simultaneously. Now, we never miss calls from clients or prospects, which gives us an edge over our competition – always being available 24/7 in our line of work is what closes deals.”

With OfficeSuite®, Town now has access to advanced mobile features and has a system that can grow as the business continues to expand. “We have opened two new locations in the last year and setting everything up is so easy and seamless at each site that it makes my job much easier,” explained Reyes. “When the Broadview technicians initially trained us on the OfficeSuite system, it only took five minutes because everything is so intuitive that we all understood it right off the bat. Broadview’s technicians are efficient and knowledgeable, and I have one dedicated representative who knows our story and situation – it’s excellent customer service.”

All of Town’s staff are now connected on the same system and have the ability to work at any of its nine offices. OfficeSuite® mobility features, such as hot desking, allow multiple employees to share the same office and log in to any desk phone at any location while maintaining their extensions and personal preferences, including voicemail. Employees also have the ability to redirect calls automatically to other offices, home phones and mobile phones in the event of an emergency or inclement weather. “We had a tough winter in NYC this year and there were certain times that offices were closed due to the heavy snow,” said Reyes. “Thankfully, because we have OfficeSuite, we were able to re-route calls to employee cell phones with a few clicks from Broadview’s website. We were able to conduct business as usual and no one even knew we had closed some of the offices.”

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