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Hospice Pharmacia Launches New Mobile Platform Tool and Takes Advantage of Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Medications

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PHILADELPHIA -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- In an ever changing industry, we must look for ways to simplify and move information quicker for better decisions. Hospice Pharmacia significantly upgraded its mobile platform, HP Mobile, for its current clients to help hospice staff and nurses contain the right information, at the right time of care. HP Mobile is a web based platform that allows nurses and hospice staff to review patients’ information, order medications, and track orders in real-time. This provides “on-demand” access to information without additional phone calls.

HP Mobile is a step in the right direction as smart phone usage continues to grow year by year. Having the ability to access patient information quicker and more efficiently allows hospice staff to reduce turnaround time to order medications, check order status and confirm patient information. HP Mobile is included for all current Hospice Pharmacia clients and launched April 1st, 2014.

Hospice Pharmacia is pleased to announce an additional advancement in technology is ePrescribing for controlled substance medications. Working together with SureScripts to coordinate these steps allows the hospice community to experience the added security and efficiency of electronic prescribing of controlled substances. Hospice Pharmacia is currently the only Hospice PBM to be certified through SureScripts for controlled substance ePrescribing as a mail order pharmacy. ePrescribing for controlled substances will reduce fraud and abuse, improve safety and patient care, and increase productivity while eliminating paper faxes. Hospice Pharmacia is currently providing this leading edge service to its clients. For more information on this press release; please contact Hospice Pharmacia at info@excellerx.com.

About Hospice Pharmacia and excelleRx®

Hospice Pharmacia, a division of excelleRx, is a pioneer in evidence-based medication management which has been setting the standard for the industry since 1996. Today, the company remains committed to palliative care pharmacy services for patients enrolled in hospice programs. As the industry-leading national hospice pharmacy, accredited by the Joint Commission (TJC), excelleRx continues to set the standard for hospice and palliative care medication management and pharmacy distribution services. excelleRx uses technology and clinical expertise to change the way medication is prescribed and dispensed; prescribers’ decisions about patients are based on objective information rather than habit or personal preference. For more information, visit www.excellerx.com.

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