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Dealing with bullying! First topic of a new children's book series

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Using a character that children ages 6 to 10 can relate to, the new collection of children's books, The Universe of Wilby, offers an original and effective approach to help young people rise to the challenges of everyday life and develop healthy habits.

NEW YORK, May 5, 2014 /CNW Telbec/ - Little Wilby, the main character of this new youth collection, is neither a warrior nor a masked superhero equipped with magical weapons and powers. No! To resolve the conflicts he faces, Wilby simply uses his judgment, his grey matter, and his knowledge and creativity. Like all of us, he is human and makes certain mistakes, but he uses these incidents to draw constructive lessons. He is more than happy to pass on what he has learned to all the friends who write to him and follow his adventures.

Telling stories about his personal experiences, Wilby shares his insights, advice and many avid interests with young people, to help them grow and flourish in choosing the right path. He is a born motivator, a life coach and a role model for youth 6 to 10 years. His influence is immediate and always positive.

In the first book of the collection, entitled Billy the Terror, Wilby receives a message from Maya, who is being bullied. To try to help her overcome her ordeal, Wilby tells the story of how he once had to confront a very persistent bully and explains how he resolved the conflict in three steps.

This simple and easy 26 pages text is available in various digital formats on, as well as on for Kindle tablets.

Created by three entrepreneurs concerned about Internet use among youth, and education at the school and in the family, the site was launched in 2011 and has gained rapid notoriety in more than 90 countries Worldwide. Several media position it as THE SAFE SOCIAL NETWORK FOR CHILDREN.

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