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Mind Solutions Update On Development Marketing Partners & Recent Market Activity

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SAN DIEGO, May 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Mind Solutions, Inc. (OTC - VOIS), is providing an update to shareholders to inform them of the progress being made to complete The Company's EEG Headset and solidify a partner with deeper resources and market penetration.

The Company has been fortunate to attract very reputable, household names in the technology space who have shown an interest in furthering our BCI, (Brain Computer Interface) technology to help mankind. We have narrowed down the individuals and companies we feel are compatible and can provide benefit to our shareholders as partners with Mind Solutions. The Company expects to announce definitive details as soon as this week, following formal engagements being consummated. We have had numerous requests for updates on this front and will endeavor to provide these details as soon as they are solidified.

It has recently been brought to Mind Solutions, Inc.'s attention that a promotional email blast has been occurring regarding Mind Solutions, Inc. We would like to make it clear that Mind Solutions, Inc. did not knowingly engage in and does not support this type of stock promotion. Company Press Releases and SEC Filings should be relied upon for company status.

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