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Meredian, Inc. Receives Impressive Total of Six Vinçotte Certifications for Biodegradability

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BAINBRIDGE, Ga. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Privately held biopolymer manufacturer Meredian, Inc., the world’s largest producer of PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate), has received four certifications and two statements of biodegradability from Vinçotte International, headquartered in Vilvoorde, Belgium. Meredian, Inc. is the only company in the world to receive these certifications of biodegradability in all six mediums. The approval of these certifications further serves to highlight Meredian Inc.’s mission to create the most ecologically sound biodegradable plastic on the market.

“We are thrilled to announce our receipt of four certifications and two statements of biodegradability from Vinçotte International. These certifications ensure that our products are leading the industry in advancements that will make a remarkable difference in the world of bioplastics,” said Dr. Paul Pereira, Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors at Meredian, Inc. Meredian’s many Vinçotte certifications help welcome a new and exciting period for this impressive company. Over 150 patents and applications have helped establish Meredian, Inc. as the world-leader in reactive extrusion and PHA biopolymer applications, and these certifications are just another stride forward.

These certifications guarantee that Meredian Inc.’s products are biodegradable by all six mediums: anaerobic, soil, freshwater, marine, industrial composting and home composting. Meaning that Meredian’s FDA food contact approved PHA can decay in essentially any compost situation, even home compost situations that tend to have lower temperatures. In demonstrating this biodegradability, Meredian, Inc. showcases their readiness to move forward in producing a bioplastic that will change the way the world views plastics.

“Our PHA formula aims at meeting the needs of consumers who are conscious of the impact that they have on the environment. By creating a plastic that is biodegradable by all six mediums, Meredian, Inc. hopes to continue our mission of sustainability that is accessible by all,” says Dr. Paul Pereira. "Gone are the days of filled landfills, here are the days of sustainability and ecological responsibility. Thanks greatly in part to the achievements being made by Meredian, Inc."

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About Meredian, Inc.:

Meredian, Inc. is a privately held Georgia corporation which manufactures PHA biopolymers using renewable resources, further reducing the global dependence on petroleum historically used in production of plastics. Meredian, Inc. was formed by the principles following the success of its sister company, DaniMer Scientific, LLC. DaniMer Scientific was formed in 2004 to bring innovative solutions to the world by way of the use of biopolymer materials in traditional plastic applications. These companies are supported by a world class group of dedicated, highly skilled team members. With the addition of Meredian PHA biopolymers, the two companies offer a comprehensive selection of biopolymers that supports their core values of utilizing sustainably produced, renewable resource based polymers to improve people’s lives at work.

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