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Samsung Drives 2014 Q1 Tablet Market Growth says Strategy Analytics

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BOSTON, May 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- According to the latest research from Strategy Analytics, global tablet shipments reached 56.7 million units in the first quarter of 2014. Samsung closed the gap on Apple, as iPad shipments were below expectations and iOS fell to 29 percent share.

First quarter 2014 Global Tablet shipments were up 17 percent at 56.7 million units, with Samsung and Lenovo the only top 5 ranked vendors delivering shipment growth over Q1 2013. Industry growth was predominantly driven by Samsung that delivered shipment growth of 40 percent. Apple had a difficult quarter with shipments down 16 percent against Q1 2013, despite stating that sell-through was down only 3 percent for the quarter.

Android tablet shipments grew 46 percent for the quarter, iOS fell 16 percent, and Windows tablets increased 9 percent; resulting in Android taking a 66 percent share of the market - a healthy increase from 53 percent one year ago.

Wholesale selling prices fell 17 percent against those of Q1 2013, as a result of declining Apple tablet shipments and increased Android tablet shipments.

Peter King, Director of Tablets at Strategy Analytics, said, "Despite Apple iPad shipments (sell-in) declining 16 percent against Q1 last year, Apple still holds 50 percent of the value share in Q1 2014, in fact it increased its wholesale average selling price (ASP) by 5 percent from the previous quarter." King added, "This clearly demonstrates the strong grip it has on the premium end of the market, but the declining unit share indicates that it is the lower price-tiers that are gaining traction especially in the Asia-Pacific region which is now the largest in terms of Tablet shipments and value."

Exhibit 1: Global Tablet Vendor Shipments and Market Share in Q1 2014 (preliminary)

    Global Tablet Vendor Shipments (Millions of

    Q1'14 Rank   Vendor                Q1'14    Q1'13    Q1'14 Share    Q1'14 Change

         1       Apple                     16.4     19.5          28.9%             -16%

         2       Samsung                   12.8      9.1          22.6%              40%

         3       Lenovo                     2.3      0.9           4.1%             150%

         4       Asus                       2.1      2.9           3.7%             -28%

         5       Amazon                     1.5      1.9           2.7%             -20%

              -  Others                    21.5     13.9          38.0%              55%
                 ------                    ----     ----          ----              ---

                 Total                     56.7     48.3           100%              17%
                 -----                     ----     ----           ---              ---

    Source: Strategy Analytics Tablet &
     Touchscreen Strategies Service

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Global Tablet OS Market Share: Q1 2014


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Global Tablet Vendor Market VALUE Share by Region: Q1 2014


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1. Shipments refer to sell-in. Numbers are rounded. The definition of tablet does not include e-book readers or convertible PCs.

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