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NetIQ Unveils Latest Versions of NetIQ PlateSpin

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HOUSTON, May 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Today NetIQ® announced the general availability of a new generation of PlateSpin® workload management and disaster recovery products, including PlateSpin® Forge 4, PlateSpin® Protect 11 and PlateSpin® Migrate 11. These latest versions provide fast and efficient disaster recovery, server consolidation, and migration capabilities for today's virtual and physical server workloads.

When combined with PlateSpin® Recon 4, the latest version of NetIQ's planning and analysis tool, the PlateSpin family allows IT professionals to set and maintain accurate service-level agreements (SLAs) for disaster recovery (DR), protect physical servers in an increasingly virtual world, and speed up transfers while reducing downtime during server migration.

Today's enterprises are challenged to meet increasingly aggressive recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs), while protecting more server workloads with stagnant or even shrinking budgets. What's more, limitations of existing solutions prevent IT departments from backing up both their physical and virtual workloads to the same infrastructure.

"Business user expectations - driven by their smartphone and tablet experiences - for access to corporate data are unforgiving: it's access at anytime from anywhere. Those expectations feed the aggressive RPOs and RTOs IT administrators are pushing to meet," said Mike Robinson, senior manager, Solution Strategy at NetIQ. "These latest features in PlateSpin® Protect, PlateSpin Forge and PlateSpin Migrate, coupled with PlateSpin Recon 4, provide a combined toolset that allows today's professionals to plan for, manage and support any server consolidation, migration, or disaster recovery scenario that can impact the ability to support today's business users."

Combined, these updates address a range of solutions for common disaster recovery and workload management problems.

    --  Physical Server Replication: PlateSpin® Protect 11 protects physical
        and virtual servers with a single DR solution, either within its own
        recovery environment, or by extending the capabilities of VMware's Site
        Recovery Manager (SRM) to physical servers, enabling users to replicate
        physical servers alongside virtual machines in an existing SRM
    --  Latest Version Support: PlateSpin® Forge 4 now supports the latest OS
        and hypervisor versions from Microsoft, VMware, and others, providing an
        all-in-one disaster recovery hardware appliance that protects both
        physical and virtual workloads, and delivers exceptional RTO and RPO
        performance at an extremely affordable price point.
    --  Anywhere-to-Anywhere Migration: PlateSpin® Migrate 11 extends NetIQ's
        proprietary high-speed block-based transfer protocols and Server Sync
        technology to the latest hypervisor versions from Microsoft, VMware, and
        others, and to newer UEFI/GPT physical servers with large (2 TB+) system
        drives, and offers true anywhere-to-anywhere (to and from physical,
        virtual, and image) migrations, rather than just single-platform
        physical-to-virtual conversions.

About NetIQ PlateSpin®
Beginning with the industry's first automated physical to virtual (P2V) server consolidation tool, today's PlateSpin® family of workload management products include the advanced analytics needed to plan successful migration and disaster recovery initiatives (PlateSpin Recon), anywhere-to-anywhere migration technology (PlateSpin Migrate), as well as affordable high-performance disaster recovery products available as both a hardware appliance (PlateSpin Forge) and software (PlateSpin Protect).

About NetIQ
NetIQ is a global, enterprise software company with a relentless focus on customer success. Our portfolio includes scalable, automated solutions for Identity, Security, Access, Governance, Systems and Application, Service, and Workload Management that help organizations securely deliver, measure and manage computing services across physical, virtual and cloud computing environments.

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