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Oracle Partners Responds to Disappointing Biolase, Inc. 2014 First Quarter Results

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GREENWICH, Conn., May 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Oracle Partners, L.P. ("Oracle Partners"), Biolase, Inc.'s ("Biolase" or the "Company") (Nasdaq: BIOL) largest shareholder, announced its disappointment with the financial and operating results of Biolase for the first quarter ended March 31, 2014. Larry Feinberg, the Managing Member of Oracle's general partner stated: "We are disappointed to see Biolase post yet again dismal quarterly financial and operating results. Biolase's Chairman and CEO, Federico Pignatelli, makes a bevy of excuses to avoid taking responsibility for the Company's results, including blaming the litigation Oracle Partners initiated in response to Mr. Pignatelli's improper Board manipulations. Mr. Pignatelli's self-serving allegations that Oracle has acted in a manner 'hostile' to the Company and contributed to its poor financial results are both false and materially misleading to investors. The time for excuses is over."

The results for Q1 2014 is a continuation of the disastrous financial performance that led to the actions that have been taken by Oracle Partners to nominate a slate of directors with relevant industry experience in order to improve operational results. Yet, Mr. Pignatelli shamelessly attempts to dodge responsibility and blame a host of other factors, including Oracle Partners' litigation against the Company, which commenced on March 11, 2014. Mr. Pignatelli's attempt to blame Biolase's poor performance on Oracle's lawsuit is patently absurd as the suit was filed just 14 business days before the end of the quarter. Moreover, the suit was filed as a direct result of Mr. Pignatelli's manipulation of Biolase's Board composition as he hopped from one theory to another -- that Biolase had a six-person Board, eight-person Board and finally four-person Board - in his attempt to entrench himself regardless of the consequences.

The Six Person Board

    --  On February 28, 2014, two then current Board members, Dr. Alexander K.
        Arrow and Dr. Sam Low, tendered their resignations as directors of the
        Company at the request of Mr. Pignatelli and two independent new
        directors, Mr. Jeffrey M. Nugent and Mr. Paul N. Clark, were unanimously
        appointed by the Board to fill the resulting two vacancies.
    --  On March 3, 2014, Biolase publicly announced these events in a press
        release and stated that its Board consists of six directors.  Oracle
        Partners strongly believes that this is the correct and duly appointed
        composition of the Board.

The Eight Person Board Theory

    --  On March 6, 2014, Mr. Pignatelli, who has admitted that he was furious
        that the new directors had questioned his leadership of the Company and
        whether he should continue as Chairman and CEO, caused the Company to
        file a Form 8-K confirming the appointments of Messrs. Clark and Nugent
        to the Board, but claiming the size of the Board had somehow increased
        to eight members. Mr. Pignatelli claimed, after-the-fact, not to have
        accepted the resignations of Drs. Arrow and Low, even though he had
        solicited those resignations and despite the Company's own Bylaws and
        Delaware law, which both mandate that director resignations become
        effective immediately and are effective whether or not accepted by the
        Company or the Board. Furthermore, the Board had not approved expanding
        the size of the Biolase Board to eight persons.

The Four Person Board Theory

    --  Mr. Pignatelli continued his efforts to manipulate the corporate
        governance at Biolase even after commencement of the litigation in
        Delaware. After Oracle Partners' complaint in the Delaware action
        demonstrated the legal falsity of Mr. Pignatelli's "Eight-Person Board
        Theory," Mr. Pignatelli caused the Company to take yet a third position
        - this time that Drs. Arrow and Low did not resign until after the
        February 28 Board meeting and therefore claiming the elections of
        Messrs. Clark and Nugent were invalid, resulting in a four-person Board.

Mr. Feinberg stated: "At the behest of Mr. Pignatelli, the Company changed its theory of the current Board composition to suit whatever Mr. Pignatelli thought at a particular moment in time best suited his chances of retaining control of the Company. Oracle Partners, as the Company's largest shareholder, simply could not allow such blatant manipulations to go unchallenged." The ever-changing Board-composition theories further confirm that the Company is being conducted imperially by and for Mr. Pignatelli - not for the Company's shareholders -- and the necessity for the new directors and corporate governance improvements we seek."

Mr. Feinberg continued: "Oracle Partners has never commenced any proxy contest or hostile tender offer in its history of over 20 years. Oracle Partners and its affiliates do not have, nor have they ever had, any designs on controlling Biolase. Rather, it is Mr. Pignatelli who seeks to retain ultimate and absolute control over Biolase. He has pursued scorched earth tactics, at shareholders' expense, in his efforts to retain such control. Mr. Pignatelli shoulders full responsibility for the significant legal expenses necessitated by his machinations, which left Oracle Partners with no choice other than to stand up for all shareholders and commence the Delaware litigation to establish the duly-elected six-person Board."

Oracle Partners previously announced its nomination of four independent directors for election to the Biolase Board at the next annual meeting of shareholders. In addition to the serious corporate governance concerns discussed above, the submission of these nominations was the culmination of Oracle Partners' longstanding dissatisfaction with the governance and financial and operational performance by the Company. While Oracle Partners hopes that the Delaware Court of Chancery grants shareholders relief from the manipulative Board practices that have been carried out by Biolase, Oracle Partners intends to vigorously advocate for its slate of nominees so that meaningful change can occur at the Company to help unlock value for all shareholders, including:

    --  appointment of a full-time CEO with relevant industry and operational
    --  Board members with relevant industry experience with respect to the
        development, marketing and distribution of medical devices;
    --  Board members with extensive corporate finance experience to help the
        Company become adequately financed with a rationale capital structure;
    --  implementation of best corporate governance practices.

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