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New Vysk EP1: Everyday Privacy Case Features Encrypted Private Text & Image Gallery, Launching Exclusively at Best Buy

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SAN ANTONIO, May 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- One in four smartphone owners say their privacy was invaded and personal information stolen, according to a September 2012 Pew Research Internet Project Study, illustrating that privacy breaches are clearly on the rise with limited, cost-effective hardware-based solutions available.


Today, Vysk Communications,, unveiled its new EP1, a stylish, everyday protective case that guards against cyber criminals remotely accessing your camera, photos and texts. The case will be sold exclusively at Best Buy. Like the company's QS1 case with telephone encryption housed in the case itself, the EP1 starts with a hardware solution that puts your camera on lockdown with a proprietary shutter system that engages at the flick of a switch. With the purchase of the EP1 case, consumers gain access to the exclusive Vysk Privacy Network to send and receive encrypted private texts and use of an encrypted private photo gallery. The Vysk Privacy System also prevents any metadata trail from ever being created.

The EP1 charges your phone, offering 120 percent additional battery power but also serves as a protective case for iPhone 5/5S and Samsung Galaxy S5. Offering plenty of functionality, the case also boasts great style and will available in gold, blue, black and gunmetal grey.

"While the Vysk QS1 case with encrypted calling is great for businesses and governments, we created the EP1 to give consumers an everyday privacy solution," said Victor Cocchia, Vysk co-founder and chief executive officer. He added, "We all have blinds in our homes for privacy; why not offer the same protection on your smartphone?"

Pre-orders begin May 15 at The QS1 and the EP1 will both be available exclusively at Best Buy. The QS1 will arrive at retail late Q4 2014 while the EPI will arrive in September 2014. MSRP for the QS1 will be $229.99 and the EPI will be 129.99.

"Securing Best Buy as the exclusive retailer to launch the QS1 and EP1 is significant because there is no better, more trusted name in the electronics space. We are extremely proud to be working with them," said Cocchia.

Pre-orders also will begin May 15 for the QS1, which offers encrypted calling enabled by a proprietary processor inside the case, as well as a monthly subscription service.

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