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E-Cigarette Buying Guide Declares Clearette's Bullet Top Rated E-Cigarette on the Market

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CLARENCE CENTER, N.Y., May 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- ( Clearette Electronic Cigarette Company has declared Clearette's menthol flavored Bullet to be Best Feel and Taste to Menthol Cigarettes. E-Cigarette Buying Guide judged Clearette's Menthol Bullet based on the product's look, taste, feel and quality in comparison to NJoy's King, a similar product offering the same perks as Clearette's Bullet.

E-Cigarette Buying Guide judged the two brands based on their appearance and design. In comparison to NJoy's King, Clearette's Menthol Bullet was described as "of equal weight and proportions [to Njoy's King] - much like a traditional cigarette, which makes the two products especially alluring for ex-smokers." E-Cigarette Buying Guide stated that Clearette's Bullet was more aesthetically pleasing, as it was described as "more modern and realistic in appearance."

E-Cigarette Buying Guide also prefered the carrying case for the Clearette Bullet, as it was "similar to a real box of cigarettes - a feature that is both handy and practical."

The taste portion of E-Cigarette Buying Guide's assimilation was based on the two competing brands' menthol flavoring. Clearette's Bullet "exceeded" E-Cigarette Buying Guide's expectations and was described and summarized as this: "We believe the taste portion of the review to be paramount. The menthol flavoring in the Bullet was incredible. The sensation was just like a real menthol cigarette, and people who prefer menthol take their menthol very seriously. The NJoy also provided great flavor, however, we prefered Clearette's Bullet because there was no aftertaste."

The feel component was another victory for Clearette. E-Cigarette Buying Guide: "The Bullet had a thick, dense vapor with a fantastic throat-kick. It did not burn the throat, unlike The King."

The final portion of the review was based on the products' quality. E-Cigarette Buying Guide tested multiple packs of NJoy Kings and Clearette Bullets. E-Cigarette Buying Guide found no duds in either of the products. E-Cigarette Buying Guide favored the Clearette Bullet, as "Unlike The King, with the Bullet we found no premature diminishment of battery-life and no issues with flavor leakage. Generally we run into little issues with these types of disposables, but all of Clearette's Bullets were found to be consistent in their delivery."

E-Cigarette Buying Guide continued by saying, "Clearette's Menthol Bullet has ranked Supreme in all tests conducted and therefore has ranked higher than the NJoy King."

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