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Itasca Announces Appointment of Microseismic Pioneer as President of IMaGE

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MINNEAPOLIS -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Itasca International is pleased to announce the appointment of Shawn Maxwell (Ph.D., SPE DL, SEG DISC) as President and CTO of IMaGE, Itasca Microseismic and Geomechanical Evaluation products and services. IMaGE is a forward-thinking initiative of Itasca’s that combines microseismic excellence with state-of-the-art geomechanical simulations to offer a new standard in engineering hydraulic fracture stimulations for unconventional reservoirs.

Shawn Maxwell to Lead Itasca's Innovative Petroleum Initiative (Photo: Business Wire)

Shawn Maxwell to Lead Itasca's Innovative Petroleum Initiative (Photo: Business Wire)

“We, at Itasca, are very enthusiastic about this endeavor,” said Loren Lorig, the CEO of Itasca International, “as we enhance our excellence in geomechanics with key enabling technologies including microseismic monitoring. We are expanding our ranks of widely recognized technical experts, such as Shawn, who understand the complexities of the petroleum industry from all aspects. Under Shawn’s direction, Itasca offices in Calgary, Houston and ASC in the United Kingdom, will provide tailored IMaGE services and products targeting hydraulic fracture optimization and other energy industry applications. We have had facets of this program alive in several of our offices, which will now be combined across locations to provide a powerhouse of technical capabilities and high-level assistance for our customers.”

Dr. Maxwell has 28 years of experience in microseismic, and is a pioneer in microseismic fracture imaging services. Prior to joining Itasca, he has been Chief Geophysicist and Microseismic Advisor at Schlumberger, and has also led technology development at Pinnacle/Halliburton and ESG. He was awarded a Ph.D. in microseismicity from Queen’s University and is currently serving as both an SPE Distinguished Lecturer and SEG Distinguished Instructor Short Course (DISC).

“IMaGE will create a new standard for interpretation and understanding of microseismicity and induced seismicity,” stated Maxwell. “Through an integration of microseismic and geomechanical evaluation, we will be able to provide unique consulting, project design, processing and interpretation services that will allow clients to extract the maximum benefit from their microseismic investment and truly optimize hydraulic fracture stimulations for improved production from unconventional reservoirs.”

Itasca is a global, employee-owned, engineering consulting and software firm, working primarily with the geomechanics, hydrogeological and microseismics communities. Over a history spanning 30 years, Itasca has developed into a firm offering integrated engineering consulting services and software to clients worldwide.

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