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Golgi Officially Launches to Kill the Spinning Wheel in Slow-Loading Apps and Connected Devices With $5M in Funding From Openmind Networks

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Golgi (pronounced “Gol-G”), a data transfer platform that supercharges apps and connected devices, is launching today with $5 million in funding from Openmind Networks. Golgi eliminates mobile apps’ long loading and update times – often indicated by the dreaded “spinning wheel” icon – to help developers and engineers retain the 79 percent of consumers who stop using an app after just two bouts of poor functionality.

Lightning-fast app update times are becoming more essential every day. Eighty percent of smartphone users now expect apps to load in three seconds or less – a major task even for established apps like LinkedIn and Flipboard. Those apps take an average ten seconds to update after 24 hours of inactivity and waste a total of 12 and 16 years of loading time per day across their respective users bases according to Golgi’s research. And as connected devices fill more critical roles in people’s lives – such as monitoring their children, personal health, home security, and more – reducing loading time between devices and apps is crucial.

Golgi-powered apps receive information up to 20 times faster than before, enabling quick, reliable communication between apps, servers and devices. The platform gives users faster experiences even in areas with slower connections like 2G or 3G, offering the app speeds users expect. The company’s tools let developers easily create powerful, versatile data-transfer code, which they can plug right into their program. Then, Golgi’s platform keeps the app up-to-date with the latest messages, news, profile updates, worldwide high scores and notifications from connected devices. The platform also offers developers:

  • Back-end push communication, keeping apps updated even when they are completely switched off.
  • A store-and-forward system that keeps track of updates during poor network conditions and makes sure apps update the moment they regain wireless connection.
  • Rock-solid reliability, even during large influxes of new app users.

“All it takes is the blink of an eye for someone to decide whether they want to keep using an app or device,” commented Golgi CTO Brian Kelly. “Golgi helps protect developers from building a great product only to see it fail because they’re not experts in data transport between devices.”

Starting today, developers can register to power their apps and connected devices with Golgi’s platform and tools. Initial packages are free, with costs increasing based on the number of users an app reaches.

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About Golgi

Golgi (pronounced “Gol-G”) provides a data transport platform that kills the detrimental, frustrating “spinning wheel” of long loading times for connected devices and mobile apps. Developers can use Golgi’s platform and code generation tools to instantly power their apps and connected devices with fast, reliable and secure data transfer. Golgi was founded in 2013 out of Openmind Networks – the communications platform powering a billion mobile moments every day through often-challenging network conditions – and is based in Mountain View, California.

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