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Mediander(TM) Focuses On Connections In New "Knowledge Engine" Concept

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NEW YORK, May 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Mediander.com launches at BookExpo America® (BEA) as one of the largest content sites on the internet, with a unique "knowledge engine" that powers the discovery and exploration of millions of topics. Mediander offers a new experience to knowledge seekers by integrating content from YouTube®, Wikipedia® and other sources within its easy-to-use Connects interface, a new kind of encyclopedia that moves beyond merely providing information. By focusing on the connections between topics, Mediander puts a new, associative spin on the familiar process of online information discovery. The site entices curiosity, enhances understanding and empowers learning.

"The idea for Mediander came to me as a solution to information overload on the internet," said Mike Fine, founder and CEO of Mediander. "People spend more time wading through lots of unwanted information and links than they do learning about their topics of interest. We designed algorithms that mine a vast amount of content for the information most relevant to our users, based on our core principle of connectivity. We present what we find in a single, engaging, focused visual interface. We anticipate Mediander becoming a household name and a site people return to on a daily basis."

Mediander contains three unique integrated offerings and a blog:

    Mediander Connects(TM)  Shows how any topic is
                            related to scores of
                            other topics, which in
                            turn can be explored
    ----------------------  ----------------------

    Mediander BookShop(TM)  Offers an intuitive new
                            connection-driven way
                            to discover, browse and
                            buy books.

    Mediander CultureMap(R) Showcases our original
                            content about cultural
                            subjects in a unique
                            interactive presentation
                            of topics and the
                            connections between
    ----------------------- ------------------------

    Mediander Blog(TM)      Invites users into the
                            Mediander universe with
                            a mix of original,
                            mostly pop-culture
                            content that links back
                            to the rest of the site.
    ------------------      ------------------------

Mr. Fine is a lifelong entrepreneur with more than 40 years of experience launching and growing media companies. Mediander is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fine Creative Media, Inc., a company Mr. Fine founded in 1991 that has published more than 1,000 titles under the highly successful MJF Books and Barnes & Noble Classics imprints.

At BEA Mediander will reveal new user interface designs for computers and tablets, and at the end of June will do the same for mobile. For more information on Mediander, please visit Mediander.com.

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