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YourEncore Announces Clinical Development Center of Excellence

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INDIANAPOLIS -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- YourEncore, a leading provider of expert solutions to the life sciences, consumer health, and nutrition industries, today announced the launch of the Clinical Development Center of Excellence, which will offer life sciences companies senior-level strategic and technical experts to assist with clinical product development from Phase I trials through regulatory approval.

“Due to the complex and cyclical nature of the drug development process, pharmaceutical companies need access to advanced technical expertise at critical times,” said Tim Franson, M.D., YourEncore’s Chief Medical Officer. “Our clinical development experts have on average more than 25 years experience and have supported development and commercialization of some of the most successful drugs in the industry. YourEncore has been providing clinical development expertise since its founding; however, the Center of Excellence will further expand the depth and breadth of our expertise and allows our clients quicker access to this talent base for advice or execution.”

The Clinical Development Center of Excellence comprises experts carefully vetted by YourEncore, including:

  • Clinical researchers
  • Physicians
  • Clinical scientists
  • Clinical program and study managers
  • Biostatisticians
  • Health systems specialists
  • Supply chain managers
  • Site monitors
  • Clinical programmers
  • Clinical data managers
  • Patient recruitment and adherence specialists
  • Process improvement managers
  • Medical writers

Deeply experienced and knowledgeable in their disciplines, the experts provide companies with:

  • Clinical research support, including portfolio-level strategy development and study-level design and execution
  • Independent stage-gate asset reviews
  • Clinical trial material supply chain support
  • Sponsor/CRO collaboration management
  • Clinical development process reviews and SOP development
  • Due diligence assessments
  • Regulatory submission data quality reviews

“YourEncore works with leading clinical experts from around the globe,” said Laurie Caraway, the Leader of YourEncore’s Clinical Development Center of Excellence, an expert in clinical development data management and operations and a veteran of Bristol-Myers Squibb. “We will continually identify new experts to expand the Center’s capabilities and meet the needs of our clients.”

“With the cost of drug development ever increasing, life sciences companies rely on YourEncore experts for deep experience and objective insights at critical stages in the drug development process,” said Gary Crays, YourEncore’s Vice President for Solutions Development and Delivery. “They offer unbiased perspectives on protocol design, submission quality, and the likelihood of success before a product enters the next phase of development. This helps companies make better decisions, mitigate risk and improve the performance of their pipelines.”

About YourEncore

Indianapolis-based YourEncore helps companies in the life sciences, nutrition and consumer health industries speed new products to market; improve quality, safety and regulatory compliance; and enhance productivity. YourEncore experts, which include MDs, PhDs, executives and practitioners, have on average 25 years of experience and are behind many of the most successful products on the market. In addition to advisory services, the company also offers the resources to act on its recommendations. Founded in 2003, YourEncore today works with 12 of the 15 leading global pharmaceutical companies and 4 of the 6 top consumer care companies. For more information, visit and follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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