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Public Safety Technology Company, LiveSafe, Launches Peer-To-Peer Safety Feature at Inaugural Code Conference

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RANCHO PALOS VERDES, Calif. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- LiveSafe, a mobile safety technology company ( that developed the app and web-based safety tool being used by colleges and communities across the country, today announced SafeWalk, a new feature allowing peer-to-peer safety location tracking and communication. The announcement was made on stage at the inaugural Code Conference, the technology summit produced by Re/code.

While LiveSafe’s core capability provides enhanced direct connection between individuals and public safety officials, the new SafeWalk feature now allows users to connect with friends and family during times they’d prefer not to reach out to the authorities. Through a real-time safety map and in-app messaging system, SafeWalk enables users to designate friends and family members to watch them as they move, solving the well-intentioned, but flawed, process of using basic text messaging to give notice of safe arrival at a destination.

Designed to grant peer overseers greater ability to assist while a traveller is en route, SafeWalk’s location-based messaging system provides the ongoing control that a simple check-in text message lacks. If need be, both the traveller and the overseer can easily call upon emergency officials for help with GPS-enabled location information at their fingertips for enhanced response.

“Having someone text you when they get home is a nice thought, but a flawed plan. If something goes wrong along the way, you have no way of knowing and no indication of a precise location in order to send help,” said LiveSafe President & CEO, Jenny Abramson. “SafeWalk turns the smartphone we carry with us everywhere into a revolutionary tool for everyday safety. No longer will people have to wonder whether their son, daughter, friend, or girlfriend got home safely after they forgot to text, or, in the case of the unthinkable, wasn’t able to. The addition of SafeWalk supports our goal of enabling a crowd-sourced approach to disrupting public safety and helps reduce terrible statistics for crimes like sexual assault, which occurs every two minutes of every hour every day.”

In the market since September of 2013, LiveSafe is available on iPhone and Android and can be downloaded from iTunes App Store or Google Play.

LiveSafe provides a comprehensive safety solution that empowers individuals to make themselves and their communities safer. Through a personal safety smartphone app linked to a cloud-based command center, LiveSafe enables increased safety by creating a new two-way channel of communication between the community and safety officials whether in schools, military installations, shopping malls, or even sporting events. LiveSafe provides users a suite of emergency services for real-time location tracking in distress situations. With LiveSafe, safety officials are able to better identify and assess threats, prevent crimes and save lives, thus enhancing overall safety. Finally, LiveSafe enables enhanced peer-to-peer safety tools for when users prefer not to contact authorities. For more information, visit and follow LiveSafe on Twitter at @LiveSafeApp.

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