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Online Photo Editing & Retouching Service PicTricks Delivers Frame-Worthy Photos for an Image-Conscious World

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CHICAGO, May 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Quality photos are more important today than ever, with millions of people taking photos and using pictures of themselves to make a first impression on dating sites, job boards and social media. There are hundreds of "do-it-yourself" apps for photo editing, but they don't have the features needed for a quality result, and the sophisticated software required to achieve a professional look is too complex for the average person to use effectively. Now there's another option: PicTricks, a professional online photo editing and photo retouching service.

PicTricks matches individuals and businesses with professional, US-based photo editors to help customers achieve just the right look, a goal that is more of a necessity than luxury in an increasingly image-conscious, social media-obsessed world. With PicTricks, users can upload an image and receive a professionally edited version back within 24 hours - for just $5 per photo. PicTricks' team of amazingly talented artists are always available to quickly edit and return photos, giving users a fast way to make their precious photos frame-worthy.

"Photos that capture a special moment or effectively convey a message or image are precious," says Steven Nakisher, CEO of PicTricks. "But before PicTricks, unless you were a Photoshop expert or willing to pay a lot of money and wait a considerable length of time for professional editing, that moment could be lost forever. PicTricks gives people a way to put their best face forward. It allows families to improve and share images of treasured memories. And it gives businesses a new way to effectively showcase their products, either online or in print."

PicTricks is a service whose time has come: People are now taking and sharing photos at an unprecedented rate, and many who are seeking jobs or looking for relationships make initial contact with a photo. PicTricks helps users make sure the photo conveys the right image with expert photo editing and photo retouching services. The service is dead simple to use: Users just upload an image file (all major file types accepted), choose the fixes they'd like to see and check out. Within 24 hours, the expertly edited or retouched version arrives in their inbox.

The platform features an algorithm that matches the photo and type of service required to a fully vetted, US-based photo editor. PicTricks never shares images with anyone but the user, who owns exclusive rights to their photos. Users can chat with their photo editor via the platform, and services are risk-free since PicTricks photo editors will work with customers until they are completely satisfied, fixing original photo defects, restoring old photos, retouching images as instructed and even adding in new backgrounds and removing unwanted objects - or people!

"We handle a lot of wedding and other special event photos and have been able to restore even extensively damaged or faded family pictures," Nakisher reports. "Our customers are really happy with our ability to transform a poor or damaged picture from a special occasion into a fabulous new photo that becomes a cherished keepsake they can share."

The company also works with businesses to create compelling product images for ecommerce sites or company brochures. PicTricks' expert photo editors can serve as outsourced team members, helping small to mid-sized companies establish a professional stylebook.

A serial entrepreneur whose past ventures include co-founding Shark Tank-participant Talbott Teas, which was later purchased by Jamba Juice, Nakisher says he wishes a service like PicTricks had been around to help him edit commercial photos for business purposes. In today's highly visual world, professional photo editing services can provide companies with a distinct edge over competitors. That's true of individuals seeking jobs and relationships too.

Finally - a quick, affordable way to make precious photos frame-worthy has arrived. To learn more about PicTricks' comprehensive photo editing services for individuals and organizations, please visit www.pictricks.com.

About PicTricks
PicTricks is a fast, affordable, easy-to-use online photo editing service that transforms amateur snapshots into frame-worthy photos. PicTricks' staff of professional US-based photo editors and graphic designers are standing by to help customers achieve the look they want, whether they need to touch up a photo for a social media or dating service site, correct photos of a special event, showcase a product line, remove objects or people from a frame, add a background or restore a damaged picture. Customers just upload an image, tell their specially matched photo editor what they need, and within 24 hours, they'll receive a photo edited with the latest professional photo editing software. PicTricks stands behind their work with a satisfaction guarantee. Find out more at www.pictricks.com.

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