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Noble Man Launches National Search for his Cinderella

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MINNEAPOLIS, May 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Renowned Love Architect and celebrity matchmaker Kailen Rosenberg is launching a nationwide search to find the perfect woman for a loving, passionate and noble client. Rosenberg says, "This prince of a man has a warm and giving heart and is passionate about nature and protecting our environmental kingdom."

Rogers and Hammerstein would be quick to write the script for this true, but fairytale-like story about a man searching the country for his soul mate. He would be described as a philanthropic environmentalist who puts money where his heart is, making a positive impact on our country and the world.

Kailen Rosenberg is Oprah Winfrey's Love Ambassador and together, they brought love to an entire town. She has successfully matched over 400 couples and she says this pairing will be rooted in a strong commitment to each other and a shared passion for life, the environment, and making a difference in the world. Rosenberg says, "If the slipper fits, this Cinderella's future promises to be filled with deep love and great adventure."

Choosing to remain anonymous, the successful prince of business, nature and generosity has written his own profile of the woman of his dreams:

When I imagine my passionate partner for life, she is child at heart, my muse, my best friend. She may or may not be thought of as "beautiful" according to conventional standards, BUT she is naturally beautiful. She is loving, welcoming, and projects warmth rather than coolness or distance.

She is old enough to know better, to have wisdom and insight from living and learning about herself, about relationships, and about the world, but who remains young inside, young enough to be filled with joy at the magic in the world on a very regular basis.

She is eager to share her life, her heart, her soul, with a man who takes his responsibilities seriously and she has a passion for the Earth, and a deep, abiding respect for those of us who express that passion by working to assure a sustainable future.

To view the full profile, go to and click on soul mate search.
Women between 32 and 55 who believe they fit the description are invited to apply online to be considered for the lifetime role of friend, wife, lover and partner in learning, change making and creating a sustainable future.

For more information, contact The Love Architects at 877.930.5683. Follow the search on Facebook at Kailen Rosenberg Love Architect and on Twitter @kailenrosenberg.

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