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Enovate Medical Launches Vital Signs Software Platform

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MURFREESBORO, Tenn. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Enovate Medical today announced the launch of integriti Vitals 500, the first vital signs software specifically created and manufactured for mobile work stations.

The platform allows caregivers to acquire, modify and record vital signs data from the bedside directly into patient records. In addition, the product integrates with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems.

“This product empowers caregivers,” said Nick Mendez, President and CEO. “It maximizes their productivity and allows them to invest in the most meaningful task of all: patient care. By allowing clinicians to spend more time at the bedside, caring for the patient, health systems can improve patient satisfaction and workflow efficiencies.”

The platform’s integration with EMRs and vitals monitoring makes integriti Vitals 500 both easy to use and interoperable. Its data output is an HL7 file, common to most – if not all – healthcare facilities. The software also qualifies as a decision support tool under Meaningful Use.

“As providers respond to healthcare reform and look to technology as a way to improve care coordination and outcomes, seamless integration is essential,” said Product Marketing Manager Natasha Romero. “Ultimately, this product creates better, streamlined coordination between clinicians and patients at the point of care.”

Earlier this year, Enovate Medical announced the expansion of its U.S. headquarters in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, continuing the company’s commitment to enhancing its effectiveness and creating greater value for healthcare providers and the patients they serve.

“Today’s launch of integriti Vitals 500 marks a pivotal point for our organization as we continue our journey of creating turnkey point-of-care solutions for our customers,” Mendez continued. “Solutions like this allow clinicians more time at the bedside, truly yielding optimum patient care. This is the first of many tools that will complement our workstations in empowering clinicians to spend the maximum amount of time with their patients.”

About Enovate Medical

Enovate Medical is committed to developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative point-of-care products, services and solutions designed to improve clinical workflow and enhance patient care. The company is a leading provider of mobile and wall-mounted computer workstations, medication transport-storage systems and power systems, all of which integrate seamlessly into any healthcare environment. Whether using electronic medication administration records, computerized physician order entry or nurse documentation systems, Enovate Medical’s innovative solutions are designed to improve the critical acquisition, interpretation and transfer of patient data and medication at the point of care. For more information, visit

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