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Converged Technology Group Identifies Six-Point Pre-Flight Checklist for Virtualization

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ISLANDIA, N.Y., June 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- In an age when doing more with less is the mantra in most corporate environments, virtualization is giving CIOs and other IT professionals a reason to take a step back and reassess their IT infrastructure. With a virtualized environment, resources once considered single-purpose, dedicated pools of computing power can be redistributed to allow for a more efficient and cost-effective IT infrastructure as a whole. To help customers visualize the impact of virtualization on their IT environment, Converged Technology Group (, an award-winning Managed Services Partner (MSP) serving clients throughout the Northeast, has identified a "pre-flight checklist" of six business-critical areas where a virtualized data center strategy can extend a company's IT functionality and reduce its technology costs.

In addition, on June 12(th), from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., the company will host a morning of exploration at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City, NY, where Converged Technology Group executives together with partners from Cisco, Citrix, Tegile Systems and Veeam will examine the importance of data center and desktop virtualization and the kinds of best practices needed to fully realize the benefits of a virtualized technology strategy. Registration is required for this exclusive IT event. For more information please call 631-468-5728.

"We're holding our event at the Cradle of Aviation to make a point: Before a pilot readies his plane for takeoff, he consults a pre-flight checklist, examining and re-examining each system to be sure it is in peak condition before taking the next step. We believe CIOs and other IT professionals can benefit from a similar strategy, putting together a pre-flight checklist for their company's IT infrastructure to be sure they're headed in the right direction, then re-examining it at regular intervals. This ensures their IT engine has access to the greatest amount of computing power available, allowing their organization to capitalize on the best their technology has to offer at the least possible cost," says Leo Galletta, President and CEO, Converged Technology Group. "In short, IT departments that want to reach new heights in emerging technology areas like unified computing, advanced storage capabilities, and virtual desktop infrastructures must first start with the basics, and that means a virtualized data center environment."

Six Point Pre-Flight Checklist for Virtualization
Here are the top areas Converged Technology Group experts recommend IT professionals consider in order to ready their IT infrastructure for the power of virtualization:

    1. Tower to Plane Communications - Converged infrastructure solutions
       combine server, network, storage and virtualized data center resources to
       lower total cost of ownership, streamline data center management and
       provisioning, and enable rapid scalability, thereby creating a computing
       platform designed for the data center of today - and tomorrow.
    2. Baggage Handling Systems - Keeping up with explosive data growth is only
       the first requirement a storage solution needs to meet. By leveraging a
       high-performance, hybrid, unified storage infrastructure that is also
       reliable, available and scalable, organizations can see tangible results
       in application performance, data protection and IT staff productivity.
    3. Air Traffic Control - The propagation of purpose-built networks within
       the data center has created a series of silos, from LANs and SANs to
       different protocols like Ethernet and Fibre Channel.  While once useful
       for their initial purpose, these networks' utilization, scalability and
       resiliency can hold back IT performance and add to the management burden
       of IT staff.  When data center networking relies on virtualized
       equipment, however, it can take advantage of new architectures for
       improved simplicity, scalability and flexibility while intelligently
       routing data and meeting workload demands.
    4. Tuning the Engine - The leading reason for server virtualization is to
       take advantage of the cost savings made possible by cutting the number of
       physical servers required. By removing machines in the data center to
       save space, organizations can realize energy savings from not having to
       power and cool multiple racks of hardware. An expertly designed server
       virtualization strategy can better keep pace with a business' growth
       without incurring the high costs of traditional expansion.
    5. Managing the Instrument Panel - While virtualization in core data center
       areas such as servers, storage and networking has become more common,
       organizations often overlook the operational cost savings and management
       efficiencies available via virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI). 
       Today's VDI solutions offer unprecedented control of the desktop and
       laptop environment, and help to secure compute, network and data
       resources. New personalized virtual desktops can be deployed in seconds
       rather than weeks with consolidated and integrated management of virtual
       and physical infrastructures.
    6. Stocking Emergency Parachutes - Data is the lifeblood of many
       organizations, and the loss of data or access to that data can be
       traumatic to the bottom line. Comprehensive data protection and
       availability solutions that cost-effectively back up, replicate and
       archive data, then restart services when outages occur can help IT pros
       meet their business continuity goals with minimal investment and maximum

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