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Personal Connected Health Alliance Explores Mobile Health Agenda For Transforming Healthcare Delivery During Innovation HealthJam

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WASHINGTON, June 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHA) will co-host a mobile health track with HIMSS during the Innovation HealthJam, the first-ever virtual brainstorming event bringing together leaders in healthcare to engage in discussion, share best practices and stimulate new ideas. The HealthJam will take place online June 17-19, 2014.

PCHA is an international non-profit organization established by Continua Health Alliance, mHealth Summit and HIMSS to represent the consumer voice in personal connected health. The new Alliance builds upon the global reach, leadership and resources of its founding organizations, to ensure that personal connected health technologies, such as smartphones, mobile apps, sensors and personal health tracking devices, are user-friendly, secure and can easily collect, display and relay personal health data.

PCHA will host a series of online sessions as part of the HealthJam track, "A Mobile Health Agenda for Transforming Healthcare Delivery," to address the potential for widespread access to mobile technology to help consumers take control of their health. This track will call on the wisdom of the crowd, together with some of the leading thinkers in digital health, to brainstorm top priorities for a digital health agenda. Presentations featured in this track will focus on six key areas: solving problems that matter; validation of clinical, financial, and satisfaction outcomes; patient and provider engagement with the tools; interoperability, standards and regulations; investment; and strategies for dissemination.

"In line with our mission to facilitate the development and adoption of digital health solutions to transform healthcare delivery, PCHA is pleased to co-host this breakthrough event," said Rich Scarfo, Director, mHealth Summit and Vice President, Personal Connected Health Alliance. "The Innovation HealthJam represents a new way of collaborating and will foster important dialogue and the exchange of ideas to spur innovation and create solutions that will help shape the future of technology-enabled healthcare delivery."

Patricia Salber, MD, MBA, Founder, The Doctor Weighs In, and Chief Executive Officer, HealthTechHatch, will serve as host for PCHA Mobile Health track. "The success of mHealth depends on cooperation and coordination between many different stakeholder groups. The virtual aspect of the HealthJam, together with Jam platform analytics, will enable us to discuss and share divergent perspectives and begin the process of defining a unifying digital health agenda," said Dr. Salber.

PCHA track speakers include Nancy Green, Managing Principal, Healthcare Innovations, Verizon; Robert McCray, President and Chief Executive Officer, Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance (WLSA); and Greg Orr, Director, Consumer Digital Health, Walgreens.

The mission of PCHA is to promote the adoption, standardization and appropriate regulation of personal connected health devices and systems in order to empower individuals to better manage their health and wellness from anywhere, at any time, with stronger links between consumers, their social networks and providers. Additionally, PCHA aims to nurture the technology ecosystem necessary to facilitate "big data" in healthcare. Continua Health Alliance will continue to develop and publish its Design Guidelines for interoperability of personal connected health devices, and certify products for interoperability, as part of PCHA.

To Register: Innovation HealthJam is free to attend and is open to all members of the healthcare and technology ecosystems, including patients. All attendees must register at www.innovationhealthjam.com and are invited to participate in discussions at any time throughout the event.

About Innovation HealthJam
The first annual Innovation HealthJam is a completely virtual event that brings together a diverse and knowledgeable group of people from the healthcare and technology fields to brainstorm ideas, improvements and innovation in healthcare. The event is co-hosted by a group of healthcare industry leaders and led by Panasonic's Innovation Group. Sponsors include leading healthcare industry organizations: the American Medical Association (AMA), Center for Technology and Aging (CTA), Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS), Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) and the Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHA), a collaboration between Continua Health Alliance, mHealth Summit and HIMSS; along with technology providers Intel and Panasonic, and academic institutions UC Davis and UC San Francisco.

About the Personal Connected Health Alliance
The Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHA), a global, non-profit organization, is a collaboration between Continua Health Alliance, mHealth Summit and HIMSS, focused on engaging consumers with their health via interoperable personalized health solutions that meet their lifestyle needs. PCHA is an independent HIMSS organization, combining the dynamic membership and expertise of Continua, and the networking and reach of the mHealth Summit and global mhealth events, with the global access and leadership of HIMSS to bring greater focus on personal connected health technology. Representing the consumer voice in personal connected health, PCHA brings together a unique combination of domestic and global resources focused on personalized health solutions that meet the needs of consumers throughout their lives. Visit www.PCHAlliance.org.