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TEXTicky Mobile App - Finally we can get rid of those STICKY NOTES and USERNAME PASSWORDS

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SAN DIEGO, June 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- California based company RESQRANT INC. has announced the launch of a new Mobile App that can save time and space on your desk. TEXTicky App will organize all your sticky notes by encrypting them into images within the App not accessible by hackers or keystroke based similar Apps. Once you write your username password on a sticky note simply take a photo using your phone, create an encryption password (you can use the same encryption code for all or you can give them new encryption code names) and next time you forgot your username password on a site, credit card or bank, open the App look for your entry and decrypt the image. The same goes with all your other sticky notes on your desk. Enter them and get rid of the sticky note! No more cluttered desks with notes and pieces of paper. You can even take a picture of your computer screen as you fill out your forms and save them.

Ramin Soltani, CEO and Terril Thomas, CTO with TEXTicky have worked around the clock to find a way to encrypt images both on iPhone and Android Mobile phones to create the design and algorithm to safely save the data and make the App as user friendly as possible.

The first version of the App (free) due to be released on iPhone and Android platforms both will be available by June 12(th) 2014. The second version will be a paid App ($0.99) and includes voice recognition due to be released by August 2014.

"We are working on a third version," Terril Thomas, CTO said as we talked to him on Skype, "which will include facial recognition to encrypt and decrypt the files and for more security."

"We are excited about this new product," Ramin Soltani, CEO said, "as we have a huge issue with username password recognition and having to reset passwords. Technology has come a long way and we need to introduce easier ways to be safe and at the same time have fast access to our data. The average American spends over 40 hours a year resetting and looking for their credentials and looking through their notes on their desks. That's a full week of pay wasted on old-fashioned methods of keeping notes, and some would say - well I keep a note on my cellphone - but you still have to enter it manually!"

"I like scribbling things down while I'm on the phone with someone. I don't have time to enter notes on my phone while I'm on the phone. With TEXTicky I can snap a photo after the call and I have it saved and then I can go to the next task."

TEXTicky's Headquarters are located in SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, 619-719-1848,