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FotoIN Integrates its Mobile Solution with Citrix ShareFile

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ATLANTA, June 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- FotoIN Mobile Corporation, a leading provider of mobile- and cloud-based solutions for photo documentation and filing, today announced that it now integrates with Citrix ShareFile®, a secure file sharing solution to automate filing and organization of photo documentation directly from the field.

FotoIN is a mobile software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that empowers industries such as construction, property management, real estate, and insurance the ability to tag and annotate photos, as well as automatically capture GPS data such as date, time, device, address, and project information. FotoIN embeds this data into photos and reports, making it one-click simple to upload to Citrix ShareFile®, share and collaborate across an entire organization.

"FotoIN continues to bring to life the vision of automating and speeding up field photo documentation by directly connecting field workers and their smart devices to the office and its back-end storage repositories," explains Sly Barisic, CEO and Founder of FotoIN. "Our integration with Citrix ShareFile® ensures secure storing and fast sharing of photos for all current and future Citrix ShareFile® customers across industries with heavy field exposure."

Partnering with Citrix
Citrix ShareFile® is a secure, cloud-based file sharing and storage solution specifically built for businesses. ShareFile allows businesses to send, receive, sync, and store files with anyone, anywhere, using any device.

To rapidly scale its open platform and integrate with ShareFile, FotoIN leveraged ShareFile's API portal, an online resource featuring tools and documentation that make it easy for partners, developers and customers to integrate their applications or services with ShareFile.

"This integration provides an easy and seamless way for people to snap photos with their mobile device, annotate the image and automatically upload it to ShareFile. Whether users work in construction, real estate or insurance, the ShareFile FotoIN integration will make them more efficient while they're working in the field," says Cat Allday, Senior Director of Product Management for ShareFile. "Using ShareFile and FotoIN together automates a key workflow for our users, meaning no more time-consuming manual uploading of photos."

FotoIN enables Citrix ShareFile® customers to:

    --  Eliminate the tedious, time-consuming, inconsistent process of capturing
        photo documentation
    --  Automate the organization and sharing of photos via ShareFile
    --  Capture robust field photo documentation and append metadata
    --  Mitigate warranty and litigation risk

Users can also create custom reports to document field conditions. Typical use cases include: "As-built" in construction; quality, safety, and home inspections; requests for information (RFI), progress reports, marketing, and collateral.

Learn more about how to leverage FotoIN and ShareFile during an exclusive Webinar on Field Photo Documentation - Capture, Filing, Sharing and Managing, presented by Sly Barisic, FotoIN Founder and CEO. To register, please visit

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About FotoIN
FotoIN, the leading provider of a mobile and SaaS-based photo documentation solution, allows users the ability to automatically capture and file images to their existing storage directly from the field. The solution increases productivity and collaboration among field workers throughout a wide range of industries including construction, property management, real estate, insurance, and pest control. The app is available for download in Apple's App Store and on Google Play. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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