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White Paper, Expert Available: One Time Passwords: Security Past Its Expiration Date

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    The intensity and sophistication of account takeover attacks continue to rise inexorably. Security breaches at trusted companies are in the news on a daily basis, with stolen consumer data seemingly the new currency of the digital underworld. The resultant reputational damage and financial losses are at an all-time high, and yet organizations, including financial institutions around the world, continue to deploy outdated, easily compromised authentication systems.

One outdated method is the one-time password (OTP), a passcode valid for a single system login or online transaction and then discarded. Hackers have been successfully breaking OTP log-ins as far back as 2005. In an effort to provide financial institutions with the knowledge to understand the drawbacks of OTP and the tools available to better protect accounts, Entersekt has published a new white paper detailing “One Time Passwords: Security Past Its Expiration Date.”



Christiaan Brand, co-founder and chief technology officer of Entersekt, is available to provide his expert commentary on stronger authentication methods that have been developed and the significant benefits these solutions provide compared to alternative methods. Brand can also provide deeper insight into the key points highlighted in Entersekt’s latest white paper, such as:
-- Insights into the vulnerabilities of OTP;
-- The problems with SMS texts as a delivery channel for authentication; and
-- Alternatives to OTP that are more secure and more user-friendly.


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About Entersekt

Entersekt is an innovative pioneer in transaction authentication. The company’s one-of-a-kind approach combines the power of electronic certificate technology (PKI) with the convenience of mobile phones and encrypted cloud messaging to provide financial institutions and their customers with full protection from online banking fraud. With its patented security products authenticating millions of transactions globally, none of Entersekt’s clients have experienced a successful phishing attack on their systems since implementing the company’s technology. Financial institutions worldwide look to Entersekt to strengthen the all-important bond of trust they share with their customers, and to build on those relationships by introducing increasingly innovative mobile and online banking services. For more information on Entersekt, visit

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