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Polymedco Supports CRC Screening Programs in Safety Net Organizations

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CORTLANDT MANOR, N.Y., June 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Polymedco Cancer Diagnostic Products, LLC ("Polymedco CDP") is pleased to announce a colorectal cancer (CRC) screening initiative supporting screening for CRC in the underserved, underinsured and newly insured persons in the US. Polymedco CDP fecal immunochemical test (FIT) product line has been successfully utilized in multiple programs to screen for CRC, and now it is being subsidized by Polymedco CDP to establish organized screening programs in Safety Net Medical Centers. Colorectal cancer is among the leading causes of cancer deaths, but nearly half of people who die failed to get screened.

Early detection and treatment dramatically increase chances of survival of CRC. Screening is the most realistic approach to reducing new cases. The ability to pay for screening should not be a barrier to being screened for this preventable disease.

The OC automated FIT and manual OC Light® test are a quick easy and effective screening methods that measure human hemoglobin in the patient's stool. The tests can be performed at home with little disruption to the patient's daily routine - requiring only one sample collection and no changes to diet or medication. The higher specificity of FIT means that there are less false positive results.

"Our goal is to introduce the benefits of getting an annual screening using a fecal immunochemical test (FIT) to all US residents served by our nation's Safety Net Medical Centers," said Drew Cervasio, President of Polymedco. "It is time to pay attention to the advances that can drive more patients to find colorectal cancer earlier, and access to these tests should be available to all."

"Through these screening tests, we are better able to accurately identify at-risk patients and send more of the right patients for further evaluation and colonoscopy," said Pete Welsh, Executive Vice President and co-owner of Polymedco, PDC. "We are proud to initiate an effort that will ensure residents of our country will have access to the best options for their healthcare needs."

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