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Healthcare Engagement Solutions Signs Collaboration Agreement with Cleveland Clinic Innovations

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MINNEAPOLIS -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Healthcare Engagement Solutions today announced it has signed a service agreement with Cleveland Clinic Innovations (CCI), the commercialization arm of the Cleveland Clinic. The agreement allows CCI to assist Healthcare Engagement Solutions in further developing its Uniphy mobile technology platform, identify customers for potential implementation of the solution and identify future avenues of financial support.

Uniphy is a secure, cloud-based platform that combines the elements of social media, targeted content, performance metrics, and secure messaging, enabling users to use one interface for their information and communication needs. Designed to advance the efficiency of communication among healthcare organizations and physicians, the Uniphy platform promotes both clinical productivity and collaboration.

“Cleveland Clinic Innovations strives to develop technologies that improve care for patients, and we look forward to collaborating with HES, which provides critical solutions to some of the most significant challenges in modern healthcare delivery," stated Dr. Thomas Graham, Cleveland Clinic's Chief Innovation Officer.

In April 2014, Healthcare Engagement Solutions completed its angel round of investment and plans to generate an additional $2 million in financing in the third quarter of this year.

“Cleveland Clinic Innovations has a history of turning new breakthrough inventions into products that benefit health organizations, physicians and patients,” said Chuck French, CEO of Healthcare Engagement Solutions. “We’re excited to work with the CCI team as we continue to validate the Uniphy platform in order to meet the communication needs of clinical users.”

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Headquartered in Minneapolis, Healthcare Engagement Solutions formed in 2013 to create and launch Uniphy, a suite of mobile technologies that promotes clinical productivity and collaboration among care providers. Uniphy will serve as a “virtual doctor’s lounge,” improving communication among organizations with multiple facilities, recently combined clinical populations, and community physicians. For more information, visit

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