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New York City-based Startup Ideacoil to Feature its Beta Feedback Platform for Idea Refinement at Northside Festival

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NEW YORK, June 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Ideacoil ( is excited to highlight their new product at the Northside Festival, and build on their successful beta launch at New York Tech Day 2014. Ideacoil is an innovative new service giving entrepreneurs, innovators, creative thinkers, and start-ups a feedback tool to move their ideas from initial thought to refined project. Ideacoil allows users to leverage the internet to gain insight from a multitalented community of knowledgeable and savvy people from various fields. At the Northside Festival, Ideacoil is demonstrating the ease-of-use, and results-oriented focus of its service, and expanding its community.

Ideacoil is unique because it utilizes a flexible pay-as-you-go model where feedback generated is vetted by the Ideacoil response team, and users only pay for the best feedback. It proves to fit any budget, no matter the stage of the project. Fresh start-up ideas, coffee shop sketches, or even new crowd-founding ideas can all be found on Ideacoil. Ideacoil also encourages users to provide high-quality assessment of the ideas posted on the site because contributors only make money on the feedback accepted by Ideacoil's response team.

Ideacoil's flexible platform also allows questionnaires to be easily tweaked, and edited as feedback is received. The automated user ranking system, and optional profile verification process provides a reliability score to all users who submit responses, and an extra layer of authenticity. Once users complete their free sign-up on Ideacoil, they can begin to build a questionnaire including background information to target a specific demographic or skill set for their idea, create customizable rankings, and write a series of open-ended questions. Additionally, they are able to upload artwork or other materials, such as video or music to help define their idea framework adding visual or storyboard depth to the idea. After users create their questionnaires they can invite the Ideacoil community to comment, or limit feedback to only invited friends or colleagues on still private ideas.

New York City-based entrepreneurs and engineers Price-Mars Delly and Laurent Delly co-founded Ideacoil two years ago to ease the difficulty of including the vitally important "voice of the crowd" in the early formation of ideas. This "reaction," as the co-founders call it, includes the ability to test a hunch, or get quick feedback on a conceptual project, and ultimately offers the opportunity to refine ideas by analyzing other people's reactions. The co-founders have proven their concept over the past year through market research featuring focus groups, and small settings. They saw measurable results for users who enjoy the uniqueness of Ideacoil, and see it as a fundamental game changer in the ideas development process.

New York City is the ideal market to build Ideacoil's user base, with its large and growing community of technology entrepreneurs, and its central role in key industries like advertising, finance, art, fashion, and marketing. Following the success of New York Tech Day, the company is planning a series of events over the next year to highlight key aspects of Ideacoil.

The Ideacoil Company is designed to attract entrepreneurs, and creative people and foster innovation both within the company and in its goals to deliver a unique feedback service. The purpose of the company is to promote the exchange of knowledge through feedback, and to make ideas more refined, efficient, and executable in the real world. Ideacoil offers insight and uses the voice of the crowd to empower people to develop sound idea solutions.

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