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New CompTIA Website Provides Open Access to IT Channel Business Tools, Insights and Training

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DOWNERS GROVE, Ill., June 16, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- CompTIA today unveiled its new, mobile-optimized website Designed to invite, inspire and advance the IT industry, the new site is open to visitors, registered users and CompTIA premier members, and has been completely re-architected to ensure a fresh and engaging experience that supports CompTIA's new open access model.

Featuring a sleek and professional interface, the site is easy to navigate and optimized to offer a consistent user experience regardless of device preference. The redesigned site makes it easier for users to search for content and provides fast access to industry insights, tools and channel training programs. Additionally, CompTIA's registered users and premier members can use the site as a reliable and convenient means to connect with peers and leading IT experts within the IT association's fast-growing communities.

"User behavior has dramatically changed over the past decade, prompting new approaches to web-based content and pushing organizations to think differently about how they communicate, and what they communicate," says Nancy Hammervik, senior vice president, industry relations, CompTIA. "By revamping, streamlining and optimizing our site, we've made it so much easier for our registered users, premier members and visitors to search, learn, download and connect with one another. It's a giant leap forward for CompTIA that will bring immediate benefit to anyone and everyone who works with us."

Key features of the new CompTIA website include:

    --  Open Access: A great majority of CompTIA's content is now in front of
        the firewall, including industry research, white papers and training
    --  Simple, Intuitive Navigation: Built for speed and efficiency, the new
        site features fewer menus and a dramatic reduction in the amount of text
        and pages.
    --  Responsive Design: The new CompTIA website is fully responsive, meaning
        users will have a similar experience on any device, and can access
        content on a smart phone or tablet the same way they would on a desktop
    --  Powerful Search Engine: Search is a much more integral part of the new
        CompTIA website. Users can now execute faster searches to find the
        content that's most relevant to them.

"The team at CompTIA has done a terrific job modernizing the website to support our new open access model and make it easier to engage and collaborate with others, as well as find the tools and resources we're looking for online," says MJ Shoer, founder, president and virtual chief technology officer, Jenaly Technology Group and chairman of CompTIA's Board of Directors. "The responsive design and the powerful search capabilities will become priceless as more people and businesses engage with CompTIA to further differentiate themselves in their respective markets."

For more details about CompTIA's new open access model, or to become a CompTIA registered user or premier member click here.

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