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Marketing Expert Tony Minock Releases New Book For Software And Technology Companies: How To Get More Tech Clients

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ISLAMORADA, Fla., June 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Nationally Recognized Direct Response Marketing Expert Tony Minock is pleased to announce the launch of his new book titled "How To Get More Tech Clients: The Fastest, Easiest Way To Grow Your IT Service Company and Dominate Your Market." This valuable, educational book offers tried and battle-tested guidance for software, technology, and IT industry business owners and professionals that are looking to get more leads and higher-quality clients.

The author, Tony Minock, is the founder of Florida-based marketing company Minock Marketing and a former top salesperson and partner at a privately held software company, which was ranked as one of the fastest growing software companies in America. Minock Marketing provides strategic consulting to software, technology, and IT service companies, with clients ranging from custom software developers and managed service providers to Microsoft VAR's, CRM providers, ERP Implementation firms and management consulting firms. Mr. Minock has worked closely and extensively with a range of different businesses including Fortune 500s, multigenerational family-owned businesses, and tech startups.

According to the author, "Over the years, working with over 100 diverse clients in the software development and IT Services industry, I have found one BIG common denominator that runs through all of them. All these businesses, as diverse and geographically spread out as they are, have in common they are all selling IT solutions to people - not nameless, faceless companies. This book reveals a powerful template you can use to create extremely effective marketing for your business, and appeal to real people. After all, companies don't think for themselves, the people that run them do."

The book provides a practical and customizable 90-Day Marketing Success Blueprint In 9 Easy Steps. Minock points out powerful psychological triggers that must be embedded in all your marketing to yield MAXIMUM results. His book includes information on what most software, technology, and IT companies do wrong with their marketing (and what you must stop doing now). Minock also reveals how you can dominate within a noisy market and have new clients searching you out and actually paying you more.

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About Tony Minock
Tony Minock is a Direct Response Marketing Consultant and founder of Minock Marketing, a boutique-marketing firm specializing in marketing and sales strategies for the software, technology, and IT consulting services industry. Renowned for his straight talking, no nonsense approach to marketing, Tony guarantees his work and puts his money where his mouth is. He focuses on clients true needs and provides the guidance to produce tangible results. To find out more about Tony visit or business owners can book a strategy session with him at

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