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edustation® introduces an innovative STEM Lab that combines a math and science curriculum with a simulation lab

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NEW YORK, June 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The edustation(®) STEM Lab is designed to improve math and science skills for middle and high school students. Why is this important? There are profound amounts of math and science in aviation. Creating flight plans requires the application of geometry, trigonometry, physics, meteorology, geography, and topography. edustation(®) Flight Simulators are used in the lab to fly the flight plans designed by the students and test the principles and predicted outcomes in accurate flight simulation. Edustation is providing students and teachers with an exciting way to understand this crucial knowledge.

The program will debut July 7(th) through August 14th at The Cooper Union's STEM program for NYC high school students. The curriculum will be taught by Mr. Henry Rey assisted by two high school students from The Frederick Douglass Academy in NYC. The curriculum will be available this fall in conjunction with edustation(®) Flight Simulators.

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