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Another American Aerospace Advisors, Inc. (AAAI) RS-16 UAS(TM) COA Approved By FAA

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BRIDGEPORT, Pa., June 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- American Aerospace Advisors, Inc. (AAAI), a revolutionary Unmanned Systems and Services company that specializes in performing safe, successful and affordable missions in civilian airspace, congratulates the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) on the approval of a Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (COA) by the FAA for flight of the RS-16 unmanned aircraft in New Jersey.

The RS-16 Unmanned Aircraft System(TM) (UAS) is a complete mission system including aircraft, avionics designed for safe operation in civilian airspace, a portfolio of advanced sensors, mobile operations centers, and radio systems for long range communications, among others. This is the world's first professional grade long endurance UAS designed for civilian applications. The RS-16 has a 12 foot 11 inch wingspan, while only weighing 85 pounds. It can fly for 12-16 hours carrying up to 25 pounds of payload at a speed around 65kts using 1.5 gallons of gasoline.

AAAI's CEO, David Yoel, remarks "This is the first COA issued by the FAA in the state of New Jersey, quite an accomplishment for NJIT. AAAI was very pleased to support NJIT in developing the COA, and looks forward to working with an exceptional team of researchers to evaluate the use of UAS in responding to natural disasters. We believe that the NJIT research will demonstrate the extraordinary value of long endurance UAS in helping First Responder save lives and property in the aftermath of hurricanes, floods, tornados and other natural disasters."

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Founded in 2002, American Aerospace Advisors, Inc. (AAAI) is dedicated to creating Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for civilian and industrial customers worldwide. With roots in the space program and advanced industrial manufacturing, we build safe, reliable, and effective systems at low capital and operating costs. AAAI knows that performing safe and successful missions is a challenge that goes beyond selecting the right air vehicle. Each mission is different and AAAI provides a comprehensive package of UAS products and services that include aircraft, sensors, telemetry systems and mobile operations centers, as well as the entire range of products, training and other services needed to stand up and conduct aviation operations utilizing unmanned aircraft.

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