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BrightLine Completes Investment Round to Fortify Adtech Development Strategy

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NEW YORK -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Funding will accelerate BrightLine’s aggressive push to supply its proprietary suite of interactive rich media advertising products to publishers, platforms and advertisers in the burgeoning connected TV ad market. BrightLine has raised $6 million dollars from private investors and industry veterans.

Headquartered in New York City, BrightLine is the leading provider of interactive TV advertising solutions that stretch across internet-connected devices, smart TVs, and gaming consoles as well as a national footprint of pay television platforms (including cable, telco, and satellite). Fortune 100 advertisers have been using BrightLine’s iTV ad solutions to engage consumers on TV platforms for years, enjoying 3X the engagement of digital rich media online, and are now working with the Company on enhanced advertising solutions for connected devices.

In 2012, the company hired PointRoll co-founder/CTO and former MediaLets CTO, Keith Gelles, along with a team of engineers to build a proprietary suite of HTLM5 TV apps, UXTV™ ad products, and ad serving platforms for connected TVs. BrightLine is now equipped to serve its ad products across most of the available digital TV inventory providing a richer video experience and enhanced returns over both social and digital.

In 2013 BrightLine fully repositioned and expanded its solution set to provide advertisers with ad products that benefit from the convergence of TV and internet. The company completed a pivot to a scalable technology platform and solutions provider, by combining its decade of experience in the interactive TV market and iQ™ powered data and analytics with the latest technologies.

"Interactive advertising on TV has incredible momentum with highly successful campaign metrics and BrightLine is positioned perfectly to lead the growth of this market," said Keith Gelles, Chief Technology Officer of BrightLine. CEO Jacqueline Corbelli added that the new funding would be “specifically used to help the marketplace pounce on the important opportunity connected TV provides to finally bring digital advertising to television in a way that’s completely organic to viewers."

About BrightLine

BrightLine is the lead innovator and global provider of rich media solutions on TV for the entertainment and advertising industries. BrightLine’s universal design and execution framework is fueled by data-driven experiences proven to increase consumer engagement, brand recall, purchase intent, and sales. With over 600 executed programs in over 90 million households, the company transforms passive 30-second commercials into dynamic, superior video for rich viewer-driven brand interactions. BrightLine’s proprietary IQ™ software suite aggregates consumer behavior trends and historical results to inform the design implementation of integrated advertising experiences. BrightLine’s platform agnostic solutions launch across all connected and legacy television platforms, including cable and satellite, telecom companies, gaming consoles, connected televisions, smartphones, and tablets. Learn more about how BrightLine is revolutionizing advertising at or follow them on Twitter @BrightLine_TV.

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