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Mutualink Chosen to Provide Interoperability at Pacific Endeavor 2014 in Nepal

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WALLINGFORD, Conn. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- The U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM) has invited Mutualink to demonstrate its unique interoperability platform at Pacific Endeavor (PE14), which will take place this summer in Kathmandu, Nepal.

News Highlights:

  • Pacific Endeavor is an annual multinational, multiservice workshop in which independent countries learn how to support disaster relief operations by using a broad range of technologies to coordinate inter-country communications. Critical communication systems such as satellite, video, radio, telephone, and other technologies are included.
  • More than 20 nations’ military forces in the pacific area of operations will participate in PE14, which is the capstone event of the Multinational Communications Interoperability Program (MCIP).
  • The aim of MCIP and Pacific Endeavor 2014 is to enhance interoperability between participant nations, non-government organizations (NGOs), and the international humanitarian community for effective and rapid collaboration during humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HA/DR) operations.
  • Disaster relief operations often experience interoperability shortfalls because of diverse military and civilian participants’ systems and equipment. Mutualink’s unique interoperability solution enables users with disparate systems to quickly, easily, and securely establish a communications backbone to share vital information and increase situational awareness.
  • Mutualink’s platform bridges all forms of multimedia resource sharing – to include radio, telephony, video, text, file, and data – so participants can securely collaborate with each other, operations centers, and with partner nations in real time. Moreover, Mutualink is the only solution on the market that does not use a central server, or switch; thus, allowing participants to maintain complete control of their respective resources. Through a unique “invite and accept” functionality, users can maintain national sovereignty over their multimedia resources – a very attractive option for a multinational environment.

“Mutualink has emerged as the leading advanced interoperability solution for joint and coalition environments and has earned an unmatched record of proven success,” said Col. (Ret.) Sonny Blinkinsop, Director of Mutualink Defense Services. “Not only does Mutualink provide secure seamless radio interoperability, it enables real-time video and data sharing, providing next-generation on-demand collaboration from and to the field and C2 within a sovereign controlled context. There is nothing available that is even in the same ballpark in terms of the flexibility and overall capabilities offered by Mutualink. We are looking forward to another opportunity to share our technology and capabilities with PE14 participants in Nepal in support of this meaningful effort to enhance disaster relief operations.”

About Mutualink

Mutualink, Inc. has developed an interoperable communications platform that enables community-wide multimedia sharing of radio, voice, text, video, data files and telephone communications in a secure environment. Mutualink’s system is currently deployed by hundreds of public and private entities worldwide, including homeland security and defense installations, NATO Special Operations Forces, police and fire departments, schools, transit authorities, hospitals, shopping malls, casinos, and more. Mutualink is a privately-held company headquartered in Wallingford, Conn., with R&D facilities in Westford, Mass. and Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, and Defense Services office nearby Washington, DC. For more information please visit www.mutualink.net.

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