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Therapeutic Proteins International Releases Authoritative Abstract on Biosimilars at BIO Conference

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CHICAGO -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Therapeutic Proteins International (TPI) today announced that Sarfaraz Niazi, Ph.D., Founder, Chairman and CEO of TPI will be a guest speaker in San Diego, CA at BIOProcess International’s Leadership Program, Tuesday, June 24th from 3:00 pm to 3:25 pm in the BPI Theater. Niazi will share the latest scientific and technical information around biosimilars in conjunction with the release of “Navigating the Biosimilars Landscape”, an informative brochure of the soon-to-be released technical reference book, “Biosimilars and Interchangeable Biologics: From Cell Line to Commercial Launch.” Niazi is a leading authority on today’s biological drug industry. He has authored over 20 technical textbooks in the field of biopharmaceuticals, clinical pharmacokinetics, recombinant manufacturing and disposable bioprocessing and has published over 100-referenced research articles and abstracts. For more information, visit TPI and Dr. Niazi @ Booth No. 5744.

Sarfaraz Niazi, Ph.D., Founder, Chairman and CEO of Therapeutic Proteins International (Photo: Busin ...

Sarfaraz Niazi, Ph.D., Founder, Chairman and CEO of Therapeutic Proteins International (Photo: Business Wire)

In “Navigating the Biosimilars Landscape”, Niazi provides a high-level overview of the state of the industry and clarifies misconceptions and inaccurate information around Biosimilars. Topics range from the Definition of Biosimilars and Interchangeable Biosimilars to Differences in U.S. Regulatory Pathways: 351(k) vs. 351(a) to The Naming Conundrum and Commercialization in the United States. This informative brochure is ideal for technical and non-technical professionals as well as scientists and industry influencers. It is meant to be a guidebook on Biosimilars and the current state of the industry.

“Because BIO conference is focused on the biopharmaceutical industry, this forum presents a great opportunity to begin to educate the marketplace with informative content on biosimilars that is relevant and timely,” said Dr. Niazi. “As the industry continues to experience tremendous regulatory change, one thing is certain, there needs to be a deeper understanding of the benefits of biosimilars within the healthcare industry.”

As an expert in an industry that is undergoing tremendous regulatory change, Niazi brings a credible and unique perspective that is highly applicable to the industry. In an era of accelerating transformation and complexity, Niazi has an exceptional understanding of the needs of the industry and how biosimilars will benefit everyone from providers to patients.

By 2015, sales of biosimilars are expected to reach between US $1.9-2.6 billion, up from US $378 million for the year to the first half of 2011 according to the IMS report, “Shaping the biosimilars opportunity: A global perspective on the evolving biosimilars landscape,”. The Biosimilars market could be the single fastest-growing biologics sector in the next five years.

About Dr. Sarfaraz Niazi

Sarfaraz K. Niazi, Ph.D., is an architect of and a leading authority on today’s biologics drug industry. As Founder, Chairman and CEO of Therapeutic Proteins International, a developer and manufacturer of biosimilar drugs, he’s set out to revolutionize the way drugs are made to enable access to high quality life altering drugs at an affordable cost to all those that need them.

Before founding Therapeutic Proteins International, Niazi was director, technical affairs in Abbott Laboratories International Division and became tenured at Abbott as their Volwiler Fellow. He began his career teaching at the University of Illinois, College of Pharmacy where he was a tenured professor.

About Therapeutic Proteins International (TPI)

Therapeutic Proteins International, LLC (TPI) is a fully integrated manufacturer of biosimilar recombinant protein products. Located in Chicago, Illinois, TPI is exclusively focused on developing and manufacturing biosimilar products with nine currently in its development pipeline. For additional information go to or call 312.620.1500.

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