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TreSensa Launches Mobile Game Feed; Gives Publishers Easy Access to Mobile Games and New Revenue Streams

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NEW YORK -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- TreSensa, a mobile game distribution company, announces the immediate availability of Game Feed, a new product providing media properties and mobile publishers with a custom feed of mobile Web games. Leveraging Game Feed’s “tap and play” experience, publishers can increase mobile engagement and retain traffic on their sites rather than sending people to app stores for mobile gaming content. Game feed also enables new revenue streams through advertising and in-game purchases.

“Gaming is the most popular activity on mobile, accounting for roughly one third of all time spent on smartphones and two thirds time spent on tablets,” said Rob Grossberg, CEO of TreSensa. “As such, games are a critical part of any publisher’s mobile strategy. With mobile games, audiences win as they have access to what they like most on mobile and publishers win with increased traffic and revenue.”

Using Game Feed, publishers can select games that are contextually relevant and appealing to their audience from over 150 mobile games within the TreSensa catalog. Game Feed integration requires no developer assistance and adding games is as simple as embedding YouTube videos. Game feeds are configured to match each publisher's branding and stand alongside the publisher’s existing mobile content.

“We are constantly looking for fresh ways to deliver compelling content to our audience,” said Joe Bilman, Chief Digital Officer and Global Head of Business Development for American Media, publisher of Radar Online and ten additional media properties. “TreSensa’s Game Feed has enabled us to add mobile game content to the Radar Online experience, without the friction of re-directing users to an app store. With minimal effort on our part, we have increased engagement, user retention and brand-safe ad inventory essentially overnight."

Game Feed provides multiple revenue streams for publishers. First, TreSensa powers ad placements within Game Feed and supports in-game purchases of virtual goods, a percentage of which goes back to the publisher. Second, TreSensa is integrating custom branded games into Game Feed and offering publishers revenue participation. Third, TreSensa is partnering with publisher sales teams to offer their clients branded mobile entertainment.

In the past year, TreSensa has experienced 36 percent month over month growth and in February 2014 announced it raised $2 million in Series A funding.

About TreSensa

Based in New York and founded by Tremor Video alums Robert Grossberg and Vincent Obermeier and software developer Rakesh Raju, TreSensa is a game distribution and monetization company that optimizes games for the mobile web. TreSensa supports a growing library of games that are amongst the best performing mobile web games on the market (see TreSensa is working with top game studios, media companies, cable networks, social networks, game portals, web portals and brands to support their mobile gaming efforts. TreSensa was a member of First Growth Venture Network’s fourth vintage of start-up companies.

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