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Top Doctors in Los Angeles Join Fee-For-Service Marketplace

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SAN FRANCISCO, June 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- HelloMD ( today announced that eight new doctors have been selected from Los Angeles to be listed in its marketplace of best doctors. The company is profiling the top 1% of doctors in America across all medical specialties.

Selection of doctors begins with a nomination by peers in the medical community. A medical board then follows a proprietary process of cross referenced subjective and objective measures on a points system, to ensure each doctor represents the best in their field of specialty for that city. Ultimately, the company intends to list just the top 1% of doctors in America.

"Selection of the right doctors results in better outcomes; less overall costs, shorter hospital stays, longer survival rates and more often, the right diagnosis and treatment from inception of a case," stated Dr. Nicholas Colyvas - Chief Medical Officer, HelloMD. "Yet the way people select their doctor today is very random, and they often pay the price with their health. Having access to the right care, in a timely manner can make a huge difference," he continued.

Changes in healthcare including the Affordable Care Act, are creating fertile conditions for top doctors, who are already in high demand with patients. These leading doctors are moving out of the insurance market and into fee-for-service billing. Patients receive priority access with no wait-times for appointments, and doctors are able to remove insurance companies from between themselves and their patients.

The doctors from Los Angeles to be recognized include:

    --  Dr. Jason Cohen - Complex General Surgical Oncology
    --  Dr. David Josephson - Robotic surgery: Urologic Oncology
    --  Dr. Kerry Assil - Ophthalmology
    --  Dr. Robert Bavarian - Podiatry
    --  Dr. Benjamin Nikravesh - Podiatry
    --  Dr. Justin Saligman - Orthopedic Sports Medicine
    --  Dr. Shirin Towfigh - Surgery (Hernia)
    --  Dr. Payam Vahedifar - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Pain

Once doctors have been selected, they are interviewed on camera and the videos become accessible within where patients are able to search for treatment options. Doctors offer priority access to patients booking care though the site, typically with minimal or no wait times for appointments.

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HelloMD is a marketplace of the best doctors in each city. We connect patients seeking the best medical care, with a top specialist in their field of specialty. Patients receive priority treatment, do not have to wait for appointments and pay a simple bundled price for their treatment.

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