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Attendees to be Scanned into Personalized Marvel Super Heroes at 3D Printer World Expo Seattle

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SEATTLE -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- 3D Printer World Expo announced today that 3DplusMe, developer of the world’s first Mobile 3D face scanner and personalized merchandising platform, has become a gold sponsor of 3D Printer World Expo Seattle on August 22-23, which features the largest assortment of 3D printers and related technologies ever assembled under one roof.

The 3DplusMe Experience Center will allow Expo attendees to become their favorite Marvel Super Hero. 3DplusMe works with major sports leagues, gaming entities and entertainment companies like Marvel, Warner Bros., MLS, MLB and Ubisoft so fans can transform themselves into personalized 3D action figures. Through this attraction, an attendee can select a hero, get scanned so they can see themselves as that hero, receive an email with a copy of the digital render and, if they wish, order their own personalized 3D-printed version of the action figure. Some 3D-printed versions also will be given away randomly as gifts to attendees.

“The ultimate brand experience is for fans to become part of the story,” says Cydni Tetro, CEO of 3DplusMe. “That is what we do with 3D scanning and printing, we make fans part of their favorite story with our personalized merchandise platform. We are excited to showcase this platform for the industry at the 3D Printer World Expo.”

In order to pull off this fusion of story, technology and fun, the 3DplusMe Experience Center will feature a seven feet tall and six feet wide scanning station, as well as personnel to help guide attendees through the process. For attendees that want physical versions of their super heroes, they can be ordered and 3DplusMe will 3D-print and ship them after the Expo.

The 3DplusMe Experience will be open to all Expo attendees. In addition to this Experience Center, the Expo features:

About 3D Printer World Expo

3D Printer World Expo Seattle, hosted by, brings together the largest range of 3D printers, technology and professionals ever assembled under one roof. The two-day 3D printing event, which includes exhibits, demonstrations, education tracks, contests and networking opportunities, takes place August 22nd and 23rd at the Bellevue Hyatt Regency. To register, or for more information, visit

About 3DplusMe

3DplusMe is the first company to introduce mobile 3D face scanning for 3D printed personalized merchandise. 3DplusMe built a capture to print platform and has partnered with leading brands to deliver an immersive story-driven experience. 3DplusMe works with major sports leagues, gaming entities and entertainment companies.

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