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Photo Stencil Research Paper Print Performance Studies Comparing Electroform and Laser-Cut Stencils Available on Photo Stencil Website

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Photo Stencil, LLC, a leading full-service provider of high-performance stencils and tooling, announces that the research paper, Print Performance Studies Comparing Electroform and Laser-cut Stencils, is now available on the Photo Stencil website at Written by Rachel Miller-Short and William E. Coleman Ph.D., of Photo Stencil, in collaboration with Joseph Perault, of Parmi, the paper presents the results of a study investigating and comparing print performance in terms of percent paste transfer as well as dispersion in paste transfer volume for a variety of electroform and laser-cut stencils with and without post processing treatments. Side wall quality was also investigated. The purpose was to determine which provides the best paste release results for small apertures while providing enough solder paste volume for normal-sized surface mount (SMT) components.

“There has been recent activity and interest in laser-cut electroform blank foils as an alternative to normal electroform stencils,” explained Rachel Miller-Short, VP sales and marketing, Photo Stencil. “As components get smaller, it is difficult to print solder paste to satisfy the requirements of both very small components, such as .4 and .3mm pitch CSPs, as well as normal SMT components. The large components require more solder paste volume for sufficient solder fillets after reflow; however, if the stencil normally used to print solder paste for SMT components is used for the small components, the apertures are so small that poor paste release may be encountered. The area ratio plays a large part in this dilemma. Our study details the performance of 12 stencils in 5 different categories.”

The paper can be found on the Photo Stencil website at For more information, contact Photo Stencil at, call +1 719-304-4224, or visit the Photo Stencil website at

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Photo Stencil, LLC provides high-performance stencils, squeegee blades, thick film and metal mask screens, and tooling for the surface mount technology (SMT) assembly, solar, and semiconductor industries. Its innovations include the patented AMTX E-FAB® electroformed stencils, high-performance, proprietary NicAlloy™, NicAlloy-XT™, laser-cut, and chemetch stencils, and patented electroformed E-Blade® squeegee blade. Stencil design support and customer-specific design libraries are also provided. Founded in 1979, Photo Stencil is headquartered in Colorado Springs and has a manufacturing facility in Mexico. For more information follow us on, visit, or email

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