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NextBee Releases Gamification Edition for its Leading Referral and Loyalty Program Solutions

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FOLSOM, Calif., June 26, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- NextBee, the leading provider of referral and loyalty program solutions, has always given shape to effective marketing solutions for businesses. The company now announces the release of its Gamification Edition, which adds to its existing leading referral and loyalty program solutions making business marketing efforts easy and business referral programs a lot more exciting.

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The NextBee's Gamification Edition provides a merging of customer engagement and social influence. It aims at creating memorable and addictive experiences - experiences that customers love to share with their contacts.

Smart controls let businesses customize referral programs, customized loyalty programs focus on developing personal relationships with customers and foster continual engagement, contributing to a longer customer lifetime value. While NextBee's Gamification Edition of its leading referral and loyalty program solutions are highly flexible, they remain tracked and reliable to the core, which gives businesses the power to measure customer engagement and program performance. Customers send more referrals and make more efforts to increase a brand's customer base when their actions are acknowledged.

The Gamification Edition makes logical use of game mechanics to attract, engage, reward, motivate and becon customers back to the brand over and over again. Since the game mechanics are pretty straightforward, customers find it easy to perform and get rewarded in turn. This edition makes it possible for brands to capture customer interest and engage early adopters immediately by providing motivation in the form of social recognition.

Social badges and levels elevate customer status and inspire customers to act more responsibly for the brand and to aim for the next higher status-refining badge or level. Contests and leaderboards draw extra efforts from participants in order to better their performance. As a result, customer loyalty and referral program customization becomes easy and is tailored so that user excitement continues to increase.

When customers' ideas are implemented, it shows that the brand values customer opinion. Customers indulge more in programs that they can relate to as they consider the changes accepted, valued, and implemented to be their own creation. NextBee also lets businesses offer surveys and feedback forms that promise incentives to customers that help gather ideas. This can bring about a tremendous increase in a brand's customer engagement levels. Customer retention becomes more effective with NextBee's marketing solutions.

The Gamification Edition of the NextBee program materializes multiple purchases and increases sales figures considerably as top performers are able to unlock VIP access and win exclusive discount coupons for friends and family. Opportunities to increase sales are also numerous with the NextBee gamification modules for the custom loyalty program.

NextBee provides a complete suite of gamification modules specifically developed and configured to increase a brand's customer base and fuel engagement in a way that builds brand loyalty. Amid fun, excitement and game elements, the NextBee Gamification Edition designs the path to businesses' loyalty and referral program success.

Demonstrations of NextBee's loyalty program features are available. Visit NextBee for more information and to schedule a personalized demonstration.

NextBee is a cloud-based software provider focusing on lead acquisition and customer engagement programs. NextBee seeks to build an army of loyal customers who actively engage your brand with excitement and passion. We provide proven value and solutions that work. Resulting in not only customer engagement, but engagement that drives sales. NextBee promotes easy analysis of exactly which customers, rewards, and types of activities are most likely to determine success. Our efforts allow our partners to optimize spending and benefit from the maximum ROI. NextBee creates and rewards excellence, always.

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