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Deloitte Introduces New Software Offering that Supports Accounting for Troubled Debt Restructurings

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NEW YORK, June 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Deloitte announced the release of Solvas|TDR, the latest addition to its Solvas(TM) family of software solutions. The software is designed to assist banks and credit unions in accounting for troubled debt restructurings (TDRs) under ASC 310-40 (formerly FAS 15).

In conjunction with the release of Solvas|TDR, Deloitte also announced the rebranding of its venerable LDC Suite software under the name "Solvas|LDC." Solvas|LDC is designed to assist financial institutions in accounting for acquired loans under ASC 310-30 (formerly SOP 03-3) and ASC 310-20 (formerly FAS 91), as well as support loss-share reporting and related indemnification asset accounting.

"The introduction of Solvas|TDR reflects our continued focus on the needs of our clients. Solvas|TDR is designed not only to assist with accounting, impairment measurement, reporting, and footnote disclosures related to TDRs, but also with the initial identification of loan modifications and the classification of modifications as TDRs based on user-configurable logic that can be aligned with an institution's accounting policy to identify situations where a concession has been granted due to borrower difficulty," said Hillel Caplan, partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP, and leader for the Solvas family of software solutions. Caplan also co-leads Deloitte's structured finance and accounting software practice.

"Solvas|TDR is designed to support the warehousing of high-volumes of loan data from a client's servicing systems in order to facilitate the ongoing identification of loan modifications, and the TDR classification process for the lifecycle of the loan," explained Eric Benson, senior manager, Deloitte & Touche LLP, and Solvas|TDR senior project manager.

"As is the case with our other existing products, we will offer Solvas|TDR via two different delivery methods: on premise installation on our clients' servers; and a hosted option in a state-of-the-art data center with a geographically diversified disaster recovery site," added Caplan.

Deloitte now offers the following products and services under the Solvas banner:

Software Modules:

    --  Solvas|Accounting(TM) - A financial accounting and reporting software
        package for portfolios of financial instruments for investment managers
        and fund administrators.
    --  Solvas|Agent(TM) - An administration and reporting system to support the
        activities of loan administrative agents.
    --  Solvas|Compliance(TM) - A rules-based compliance engine that provides
        flexible, user-configurable calculations for CLO collateral
        managers/trustees and alternative investment managers.
    --  Solvas|LDC(TM) - An accounting, calculation, and reporting solution for
        acquired loans under ASC 310-30 (formerly SOP 03-3) and ASC 310-20
        (formerly FAS 91), as well as loss-share and related indemnification
        asset accounting.
    --  Solvas|PoP(TM) - A rules-based priority of payments module that provides
        flexible, user-configurable waterfall calculations for CLO collateral
        managers and trustees.
    --  Solvas|Portfolio(TM) - A multi-asset class portfolio administration and
        reporting solution for asset managers, alternative investment funds,
        trustees, and fund administrators.
    --  Solvas|TDR(TM) - An end-to-end solution to identify loan modifications
        and to classify, account for, and report on troubled debt restructurings
        under ASC 310-40 (formerly FAS 15).

Software-Related Services:

    --  Solvas|Hosting(TM) - A cloud-based hosting platform for Deloitte's
        Financial Technology(TM) products.
    --  Solvas|Data(TM) - A bank loan data processing service for use with
        Solvas|Portfolio to help eliminate the need for clients to input agent

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