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Exposing the Devastating Effects of Picking the Wrong Reputation Management Agency

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., June 30, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- It is vital in today's business world to have a strong online reputation and definitive web presence. Unfortunately, many people have had to find out the hard way about the dangers that come with poor online representation by watching their business suffer at the hands of negative feedback and postings online. Even worse, the negatives harming their reputations are often blown out of proportion or unwarranted. The natural reaction in this situation is to try to fix the problem, and using a reputation management firm is a great way to clean up that bad reputation. However, if an individual is not careful about whom they choose to represent them online, they may find themselves in even deeper water.

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The Scottsdale reputation management agency of Reputation Maxx warns individuals that if they choose a reputation representative without doing their research, they could end up in a horrible situation. Some companies will promise their clients the advantage of well-managed websites to promote positive content on the client's behalf, and follow up by creating a plethora of profile sites. However, once the sites are created, they abandon them, leaving the client with dozens of empty assets and no progress.

Additionally, these reputation management firms buy up all the websites and assets associated with the client's brand under the guise of helping the client. However, when the client realizes how little progress has been made to fix their online presence, and wishes to gain control of these sites to go elsewhere, the bullies at their current agency will play a costly game of keep away, demanding more and more money from the client before they will allow them to take back control of their own name. If the client protests, the company will have the contract to prove that what they are doing is completely legal, as it is detailed in the finest of print, leaving the client drained and discouraged with very few options left.

The reputation experts at Reputation Maxx do not ever want anyone to fall victim to these reputation predators. They remind individuals who need reputation management that it is very important to do their research and see how other clients have fared with the firm in question.

"If they can't keep their own reputation clean, do you really think that they'll get you the results that you want?" asked reputation expert and CEO of Reputation Maxx, Walter Halicki. "It's these little details that people overlook when searching for a company to represent them that get them in hot water down the line."

Additionally, individuals should carefully read the terms and conditions before they sign anything. If they take precautions, every individual will be able to put their reputation in the right hands. Reputation Maxx is a leading online reputation management firm based in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, offering everything from its trademarked Reputation Rescue(TM) service to clean up the way that a client looks online, to its Media Blitz package to promote an individual or business's online presence.

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