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SnoopNames Provides Invaluable Free Tool Conveniently Displaying Most Sought-After Dropping Domain Names

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NEW YORK, June 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- On average over 100,000 domain names get deleted/dropped from the registry every day. Some of those domains have been registered for over a decade and the owners simply forgot to renew them.

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Domain investors commonly known as "Domainers" can grab a domain the moment it drops, and potentially resell it for thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

The problem is that only a small fraction of the domain names dropping daily have any real value, and finding those names is a very tedious, time-consuming process. Some domainers have to visit many websites each day in an attempt to find quality dropping domains.

The complexity of locating and securing dropping domain names led to the creation of two entirely new businesses within the domain industry. One features domain professionals that help domainers spot some of the valuable dropping domains. The other features companies known as "drop catchers" that for a small fee will try catching a domain for you. Drop catchers use a combination of specialized software plus registrar-level connections, in order to give them a greater chance of catching a dropping domain.

Some domainers, in an attempt to get ideas of what good domains are dropping, keep refreshing many different sites to see what others are ordering. This naturally led many to submit their orders the last few minutes before the cutoff time, making it impossible for the human eye to detect. To counter that, veteran domainers built expensive special detection software that identifies those last-minute orders, thus giving them a big advantage over the average domain investor., a new free service, is leveling the playing field by allowing anyone to easily identify domains that have backorders, including last-minute submissions. also features in-depth articles designed to help people increase their chances of catching a dropping domain name, as well as tips on selling their domains.

While most people only hear about domain names that sell for millions of dollars, the fact is domain investors are always flipping names they purchased for as little as $10 for thousands of dollars. Some of these domain sales are reported weekly by DNJournal.

About SnoopNames: was designed and developed to help anyone easily identify quality dropping domain names, without spending thousands of dollars on special software. What traditionally took hours a day can now be done in minutes. SnoopNames monitors domains that are dropping, and domains that are only available via exclusive private auctions.

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