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New Healthcare Social Network Connects Users to Best Providers, Treatments and Medications Based on Past Patient Experience

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RED BANK, N.J., June 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- NeedMe Inc. has developed a new healthcare social network which takes the concept of doctor-rating sites to the next level. Instead of basing the website on the doctors, NeedMe centers itself on the patient and their outcomes. Information like this has never been available before. Patients will be able see the treatments that other users have followed successfully. The NeedMe network connects newly diagnosed patients to successful past patients who have had the same conditions, tests, treatments, and procedures at the same locations. Information is provided automatically and anonymously to all users.

NeedMe was developed so that patients could anonymously interact with others who have already had the same diagnosis and have been through the same treatment. This network connects individuals to each other in a narrow, targeted way based on multiple criteria. From a general health concern to management of a chronic health condition, now people can get answers for those with experience.

NeedMe uses real-world feedback and treatment information to determine what has worked best for real patients, and where. For someone who has recently been diagnosed this info can mean a world of difference and can greatly reduce stress and guesswork. The website can help a patient zero-in on the best providers, treatments and medications based on the experience of others.

"NeedMe will permanently change the way we source health information online," said Justin Huddy, CEO of NeedMe, Inc. "Very shortly, everyone will have an easy to use resource which will allow them to interact with others who have experienced care with specific doctors, facilities and treatment options. This makes obsolete the myriad of doctor rating sites and chat boards where users don't have information on diagnosis or treatment of those who have left reviews or posted information. We've made the site very easy to use, using state-of-the-art technology and a simple interface."

In the third quarter of 2014 NeedMe is expected to connect over 100 million people to each other. At its launch, NeedMe will be available to the 50 million members of the Medicare system, with insurers such as Aetna and United Healthcare being added in the near future. No one else in the healthcare information market accurately crowd sources the big data necessary to match specific concerns. This website is at the cutting edge of social network and healthcare information technology.

With doctor rating sites, a patient doesn't know the accuracy of the information he or she is getting. Review sites of every kind are plagued by clunky interfaces and biased reviews. The reasons for biased reviews are many, including well-intentioned employees, competitors looking to gain an edge, and those who choose to inflate a negative experience. NeedMe eliminates these temptations by going directly to patient data to verify the reviews are authentic.

"When people have a change in health status, such as a new diagnosis, they often turn to family for advice, however family members have not necessarily been through the same ailment or treatment procedures," Huddy continued. "With NeedMe, those people can now quickly and easily ask questions of other patients who have successfully been through the same health scenario. It is why we use the slogan 'Honest Answers from Actual Patients.'"

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