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Millennials spend 14.5 hours in a typical week texting, talking and accessing social media on their smartphone -- more than any other generation

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NEW YORK, June 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Experian Marketing Services, a global provider of integrated consumer insights, targeting, data quality and cross-channel marketing, published a new report today on the demographics, behaviors and attitudes of Millennial adults ages 18 to 34. According to the report, Millennials are the most digitally connected generation, with 77 percent of adult Millennials owning a smartphone and the average owner spending about 14.5 hours a week using his or her phone. In fact, Millennials spend so much time on their smartphones that they account for 41 percent of the total time that Americans spend using smartphones, despite making up just 29 percent of the population.

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"Millennials are true digital natives. Having grown up in the age of the Internet and mobile phones, it is important for marketers to understand their unique outlook on technology and connectivity when targeting this group," stated John Fetto, senior analyst, marketing and research, at Experian Marketing Services. "Millennials are the first mobile-dominant generation. It is how they connect to and communicate with the world, and as such, they need to be connected constantly, from the moment they wake up until they go to bed at night."

Experian Marketing Services also found that:

    --  Millennials are mobile dominant. Fifty percent of Millennial smartphone
        owners say that they access the Internet more often through their phone
        than through a computer.
    --  Millennials spend the most time using media compared with other
        generations, at approximately 9.5 hours a day, or 67 hours a week,
        compared with 61 hours that adults ages 35 and older spend using media
        per week.
    --  Millennials are the first generation to devote the majority of their
        media time with digital media. They spend 35 hours a week with digital
        media and 32 hours a week with traditional media.
    --  Millennials are 1.7 times more likely than smartphone owners ages 35 and
        older to use travel apps, 1.5 times more likely to use VOIP apps such as
        Skype, 1.4 times more likely to use sports apps and 1.2 times more
        likely to use classified apps such as Craigslist.

                  Percent of smartphone owners who engage in smartphone activities during a typical week

                             Millennials                  Generation X                   Boomers           Silent Generation
                             -----------                  ------------                   -------           -----------------

    Talk                                    92%                            92%                       92%                     91%
    ----                                    ---                             ---                        ---                      ---

    Text                                    91%                            92%                       92%                     94%
    ----                                    ---                             ---                        ---                      ---

     browsing                               89%                            90%                       87%                     84%
    ---------                               ---                             ---                        ---                      ---

    Email                                   82%                            83%                       80%                     83%
    -----                                   ---                             ---                        ---                      ---

     networking                             74%                            69%                       67%                     58%
    -----------                             ---                             ---                        ---                      ---

    Download apps                           63%                            63%                       60%                     65%
    -------------                           ---                             ---                        ---                      ---

    Camera                                  54%                            50%                       50%                     56%
    ------                                  ---                             ---                        ---                      ---

    Play games                              52%                            49%                       50%                     53%
    ----------                              ---                             ---                        ---                      ---

    Watch video                             46%                            39%                       32%                     33%
    -----------                             ---                             ---                        ---                      ---

    GPS                                     43%                            40%                       34%                     35%
    ---                                     ---                             ---                        ---                      ---

    Listen to
     music                                  35%                            30%                       27%                     31%
    ---------                               ---                             ---                        ---                      ---

    IM/Chat                                 27%                            26%                       23%                     19%
    -------                                 ---                             ---                        ---                      ---

    Read news                               18%                            17%                       15%                     13%
    ---------                               ---                             ---                        ---                      ---

                                         Source: Experian Marketing Services

"While the rest of adults see smartphones and the Internet as revolutionary, for Millennials, they're just part of the natural order of things. As such, they have expectations about how things should work that may seem unrealistic to those who grew up without such technologies," added Fetto. "Technology and connectivity is not a want for this generation; it's a need."

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