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EPA Ruling Tightening Export of CRTs a Good Sign for Progress on Spent Battery Exports, RSR Says

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DALLAS -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a final rule that tightens the restrictions on the export of cathode ray tubes (CRTs) for reclamation. While not directly impacting the export of spent lead acid batteries, the rule is significant because it reflects the federal government’s increasing awareness that the export of hazardous waste, including electronic waste and spent lead acid batteries, warrants more stringent regulation. RSR Corporation, a long-time opponent of spent battery exports, is encouraged by EPA’s action. Robert E. Finn, President and CEO of RSR Corporation, issued the following statement:

“The Environmental Protection Agency’s rule is a positive sign that the federal government is taking seriously the issue of hazardous waste exports. RSR commends EPA for its effort on CRTs and looks forward to working with it to address the export of spent lead acid batteries.

CRTs contain, on average, 3 pounds of lead. Spent lead acid batteries by comparison average about 20 pounds of lead. The disparity in the volume of lead alone should draw EPA’s attention.

America has the infrastructure, capacity and talent to recycle lead acid batteries and electronic waste here at home under some of the strongest environmental rules in the world. That is why we continue to object to the ongoing practice of exporting spent lead acid batteries to developing economies like Mexico. The federal government cannot stand by as close to a billion pounds of batteries are exported from the U.S. to Mexico for reclamation by poorly regulated smelters that harm the health of their workers and pollute the surrounding environment.”

Learn more about RSR’s commitment to sustainable battery recycling here.

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