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Healthcare Engagement Solutions Launches Uniphy Platform to Enhance Communication and Collaboration

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MINNEAPOLIS -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Healthcare Engagement Solutions today announced the launch of Uniphy, a secure, cloud-based platform designed to help healthcare organizations and care providers communicate, collaborate and enhance patient care.

Uniphy combines the elements of social media, targeted content, performance metrics, and secure messaging that health systems and care providers rely on into a single platform that is mobile friendly. Physicians, nurses and other care providers use the interface to access the information they need and communicate with each other in real time. Uniphy also promotes both clinical productivity and collaboration among healthcare organizations.

“Each year more than $12 billion healthcare dollars are wasted in the United States on inefficient communication,” said Chuck French, CEO at Healthcare Engagement Solutions. “We created Uniphy to solve the numerous communication issues that exist across healthcare systems and among care providers. The customizable platform combines all the disparate tools used by care providers into a single interface, making Uniphy a powerful platform that enhances the abilities of care providers and results in improved care delivery.”

Powerful features designed to streamline day-to-day communication needs

Uniphy replaces traditional physician portals with access to a platform that consolidates the tools care providers need into one dashboard. The platform is secure and cloud-based where it can handle Protected Health Information (PHI) any time, anywhere. Uniphy also:

  • Connects users so they can collaborate by bringing together hospitals, healthcare networks, physician practices, clinically integrated networks, accountable care organizations and outsourced providers.
  • Facilitates employee engagement via open communication and collaboration models.
  • Enables users to use desktop, laptop and mobile device to communicate and use social media tools integrated with other important business processes, including training and performance data.

Healthcare communication has become a priority among many organizations as demands on healthcare providers increase. Gartner Inc., the world’s leading information technology research and advisory firm, will soon launch a new Clinical Communications and Collaboration category, to track innovations used by health systems to streamline operations and enhance collaboration.

In June, Healthcare Engagement Solutions signed a service agreement with Cleveland Clinic Innovations, to further develop Uniphy, identify customers for potential implementation of the solution and identify future avenues of financial support. In addition, several large healthcare organizations have made commitments to implement Uniphy within their systems.

About Healthcare Engagement Solutions
Headquartered in Minneapolis, Healthcare Engagement Solutions formed in 2013 to create and launch Uniphy, a suite of mobile technologies that promotes clinical productivity and collaboration among care providers. Uniphy engages users across the healthcare landscape simplifying communication and collaboration among organizations with multiple facilities, recently combined clinical populations, community physicians, nurses and care providers. For more information, visit

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