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Trax Technologies Forms New Talent Group, Names Robert Neeser as Chief Talent Officer

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Trax Technologies, Inc., has appointed Robert (Bob) Neeser to lead a new group the company created to both develop from within and attract top talent for the company’s fast-growing business. Neeser will serve in the newly created global role of chief talent officer.

Trax has recruited several key employees from outside the company in recent months and will continue to do so, Neeser said, but Trax leaders also see great potential in developing current employees.

“We expect to further accelerate our business growth in the near future,” Neeser said. “Because we operate in a complex environment that requires fast and continuous learning, we believe it’s most productive to invest in developing the skills and talents of current employees. We supplement our teams only as required. It’s the best way to deliver a consistent high level of service for Trax customers. We’re committed to growing Trax talent in our offices around the world.”

“Bob knows what it takes to attract and develop the best talent in a market,” said Trax chief executive officer Scott Nelson. “He understands that company culture is a key element in the success of any business. And we’re committed to nurturing the creative, collaborative culture we’re fortunate to have here.”

Neeser is well qualified to lead the new Trax talent organization, Nelson noted. He has experience in the field of human capital development, and he has also worked as a talent recruiter. In prior jobs he developed several successful solutions delivery, sales and marketing teams.

Neeser most recently served as vice president of sales for the Americas region at Trax. Before joining Trax he was senior vice president of sales and marketing for the Evogi Group. Prior to Evogi he was vice president of sales for customer relationship management (or CRM) software products at Sage North America. Neeser also spent two years as President of TopLine Strategies, a technical recruiting and human capital consulting group. Earlier, he spent several years working in training and development.

“Our lifelong passion for learning and our commitment to cultivating personal growth are keys to delivering more value to Trax customers,” Neeser said.

Trax was just named a CareerBuilder top company to work for in Arizona and was recently featured alongside the likes of Facebook and Pinterest on the new career site the Muse.

About Trax

Trax Technologies, Inc., serves both buyers and sellers of logistics services. The company adds value by refining logistics data that comes from multiple sources. Before Trax refines logistics data, it is often inaccurate, incomplete, or inconsistent.

Trax estimates that such bad logistics data costs the $4.2 trillion transportation industry nearly $1 trillion a year. The cost arises from inefficiency, uncontrolled financial risk, distorted financial reporting, and suboptimal decision making.

Through an open SaaS technology platform, Trax cleans, completes and reconciles bad logistics data. Companies can then use the purified logistics data to reduce the high cost of industry inefficiency. They can also reduce uncontrolled risk, improve financial reporting and make better decisions through improved data analytics.

Trax operates offices in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America.

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