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Bodybuilding and HGH Supplement Discounts From Give Consumers an Incentive to Engage on Social Media

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BOONTON, N.J., July 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- To leverage the power of social media and personal referrals, is offering incentives to customers who share health and bodybuilding supplement recommendations with their social networks. As the manufacturer and online retailer behind the exclusive line of Purity Select natural dietary supplements, is a leading provider of over-the-counter anti-aging, bodybuilding and fitness supplements.

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"We recognize that many people have questions about HGH and other health supplements, so we have made it our goal to ensure that information is readily available," explained Dan Smith of "Not only do we provide details, tips and reviews directly on our product pages and blog posts, but we encourage our customers to share their own experiences and recommendations within the broader health, fitness and bodybuilding communities."

Smith notes that fitness enthusiasts and aspiring bodybuilders seem to be very receptive to personal advice from their peers, so strives to disseminate practical tips from both professionals and customers. International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) pros Richard "Tricky" Jackson, Ben White and Tara Silzer regularly provide suggestions and guidance on products to their followers and fans, and Smith aims to make it easy for other users of health and bodybuilding supplements to do the same.

"As the manufacturer of Purity Select dietary supplements, we have the flexibility to offer special discounts that reward our loyal supporters and brand champions," remarked Smith. "So we've enhanced our site with interactive elements that encourage consumer engagement and allow our customers to enjoy savings on each order simply for sharing their tips and recommendations via social media."

Recent studies show that the dietary supplement market and social referrals are both exhibiting steady growth, and the discounts are designed to leverage those trends. According to research highlights published by Standard Process and the Nutrition Business Journal, the U.S. dietary supplement market is projected to maintain 6% to 7% growth in the coming years and surpass $50 billion in annual sales by 2019.((1))

In terms of social sharing, the latest Social Media Traffic Report by Shareaholic indicated that social media referrals have risen rapidly in recent months. Shareaholic found that Facebook drove 21.25% of the overall traffic sites received - a figure that grew nearly 38% between December 2013 and March 2014 - while Pinterest came in second, with 7.1% of overall traffic and a 48% increase in referral share over the same period. Other social media sites with an upswing in referrals include Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit and Google+.((2))

When customers share their personal experiences and success stories via social media, Smith believes they can be of great help to prospective consumers. "Social sharing allows people to discover the kind of results real customers achieve, and it also increases their comfort level in trying health and bodybuilding supplements for themselves."

He further elaborated, "Many people are not aware that over-the-counter HGH supplements offer a cost-effective, natural alternative to pricey synthetic HGH injections, or that HGH pills and sprays are legally available without a prescription. Customer referrals help emphasize the benefits of HGH and bodybuilding supplements while debunking common misperceptions." presents customers with the opportunity to share a post through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social media sites directly from the checkout page. This allows customers to take advantage of special incentives and discounts before they place each order.

For more information on Purity Select natural HGH and bodybuilding supplements, or to engage with the brand and other consumers via social media, visit and follow the links to visit on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social communities.

About Purity Select and is an established provider of natural human growth hormone (HGH) supplements as well as other bodybuilding and overall health supplements. In 2010, Purity Select purchased and continues to offer an exclusive line of supplements for bodybuilding, muscle growth, low testosterone, increased strength, endurance, weight loss, anti-aging, and other health and fitness goals. All Purity Select products are manufactured in the United States through Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facilities to ensure optimal quality. The company's ongoing commitment to quality, innovation and customer service has positioned Purity Select and as leading brands within the bodybuilding supplement industry.

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