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First Restaurant Tablet Platform to Combine Ordering, Entertainment & Server Handhelds: New from Tanjarine

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., July 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- In a major advance for restaurants, TouchTunes subsidiary Tanjarine has started rolling out the market's first integrated tabletop ordering, entertainment and pay-at-the-table solution to combine tablets with server handhelds that expedite service and checkout. The platform features 10" tabletop tablets that provide guests with menu and entertainment options, portability that eliminates the constraints of one-tablet-per-table installations, and other innovations that help increase efficiency and average check size.

The idea of Tanjarine evolved from the multi-year tabletop entertainment experience of TouchTunes, the largest provider of in-venue music and entertainment with a presence in more than 73,000 bars and restaurants worldwide. The Tanjarine solution - in development since 2012 - has been custom-built from the ground up to deliver more value and flexibility than any other tablet platform available today. Restaurants can expect to see a 15% increase in average revenue per table, 15% faster table turns, an increase in loyalty program enrollment, and improved customer service stemming from customer driven tabletop ordering.

"Restaurants are seeing significant benefits from tablet solutions, and large chains have begun deploying them across the country. Until now, there hasn't been a solution combining tablet-based ordering, server handhelds, pay at the table and guest entertainment, or a company with the experience and resources to deliver it," said Bob Dykes, President of Tanjarine. "Our platform is the first to offer large chains or independent casual dining restaurants all of these capabilities."

On the hardware side, Tanjarine's solution includes:

    --  A proprietary 10" Android tablet providing more screen space for menus,
        specials, promotions and entertainment than conventional 7" solutions.
        The tablet is also thinner and lighter than competing devices - the
        better to carry it and use it for gaming - and ruggedized to withstand a
        busy restaurant environment. An encrypted card reader provides for
        secure transactions.
    --  Use-it-your-way tablet portability, enabling restaurants to hand out one
        tablet per table or one per guest as parties are seated, move units from
        table to table if desired, and otherwise match tablet usage to their own
        service models and business objectives.
    --  An integrated 5" server handheld device enabling restaurant staff to see
        all tablet-based orders in real time, optionally review orders before
        they are sent to the kitchen, and see notifications from guests. A guest
        simply taps the server icon on the tablet and the handheld notifies
        their server.
    --  Multiple 'Second Screen' TVs displaying restaurant promotions such as
        specials, loyalty programs, catering, delivery and events.  The Second
        Screen TVs also are used to display live Tanjarine interactive
        entertainment and leaderboards to keep the entire restaurant

Other Tanjarine benefits include:

    --  Extensive menu customization, allowing restaurants to feature their full
        menu with vibrant images and detailed descriptions highlighting
        everything from specials to high-margin drinks to help drive impulse
        buying and increase check average.
    --  Valuable real-time data on guests' menu browsing behavior such as what
        items were viewed, how many times, viewing frequency compared to
        ordering frequency and more.  Restaurant managers can use these insights
        to guide menu changes, including new item descriptions, pictures or
        pricing for items that draw interest but are ordered infrequently.
    --  A diverse catalog of individual and multiplayer games, including
        real-time predictive sports, trivia, puzzles, fantasy sports, word
        games, racing, kids' games and other options tailored to the
        restaurant's demographics.  All games are licensed from best-of-breed
        developers, and one low fee enables unlimited gameplay.
    --  TouchTunes digital jukebox functionality, adding user-selected music to
        the entertainment experience. This feature is available to restaurants
        that have TouchTunes' digital jukebox system.

Through its affiliation with TouchTunes, Tanjarine supports all customers through a global network of servicing partners who handle system installation and respond to on-site service needs. The platform will be integrated with multiple point-of-sale systems and can also be used without POS integration for restaurants whose POS systems are not supported by Tanjarine.

About Tanjarine

Tanjarine is an integrated dining and entertainment platform that allows restaurant guests to order from digital menus, play games and music, and pay from tablets at their tables. The company's services are designed to dramatically improve restaurant service levels by giving guests more choice and engagement during their dining and entertainment experience. The company is based in Mountain View, CA, and is a subsidiary of TouchTunes, the largest provider of in-venue music and entertainment. For more information, visit

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